Did Bieber get inked in Malaysia?

ADVERTORIAL Reports have come in that several witnesses spotted international teen sensation Justin Bieber, who was in Malaysia for a concert over the weekend, receiving a tattoo at a Kuala Lumpur parlour in the early hours of the morning, under circumstances that appeared to be not entirely consensual.

According to these witnesses, one of which filmed the incident on a camera phone, the parlour was ‘thrashed' and looked like a wild party had taken place earlier, with whisky bottles, beer cans and miscellaneous binge drinking paraphernalia littering the establishment.

While the party itself had long ended by the time witnesses happened upon the scene, there were still four people left in the parlour: three burly, tattooed men, and Bieber, who was in a chair and getting something tattooed on his lower back which resembled the letters ‘MAXM'.

"He didn't appear to be enjoying himself too much," said one of the witnesses. "The tattoo thing may not have been entirely consensual. There was a lot of shouting also."

It is hoped that Bieber will have recovered sufficiently for his concert at Sunway Lagoon to go off without a hitch, if the incident did indeed take place.

"Strange things appear to happen to celebrities in Malaysia," commented another witness, who works with the media industry. "Just a few months ago was the Erykah Badu thing; now this. I expect we're going to see less international acts coming here to perform if this carries on!"

Canadian-born Bieber's rise to fame could be called a fairytale in how it unfolded. Justin Drew Bieber burst out of the YouTube self-promotion scene in 2008, quickly building a rabid fanbase, mostly of teenage girls but also some older women, centred on his good looks, squeaky clean image and clever marketing.

With his hit ‘Baby', one of the biggest singles in 2010, Bieber announced his arrival and is now ranked as one of the most powerful celebrities with an estimated fortune of US$55 million. He has achieved things most people couldn't even conceive - a wax likeness in Madame Tussauds, for instance - all before he was legally old enough to partake in events such as the tattoo party.

Bieber turned 18 this year and has shown signs of manning up. While the tattoo in Malaysia and the occasion that warranted it are of interest, it's not his first ink job.

He has had the word ‘Believe' tattooed on his forearm, under more convivial circumstances. Bieber has also given a series of interviews where he expressed opinions that differed from those espoused earlier in his career.

The circumstances surrounding Bieber's apparently impromptu tattoo session remain a mystery for now, as well as the identity of his three party friends and the meaning of the letters ‘MAXM'. Readers are left to decide whether to ‘Believe' it happened in the first place.

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- Maxmen TV