Umno's pro-hudud stand puts MCA in tight spot

YOURSAY 'The party that has itself admitted to money politics and is embroiled in many scandals is now campaigning for hudud laws.'

Puteri Umno backs implementation of hudud

your sayBotak Chin: I wonder what MCA has to say about this. For a while they chastised DAP for not opposing PAS' hudud ideology, when party chairperson Karpal Singh has openly and repeatedly voiced his opposition to the idea. Now MCA's big brother Umno is pushing for the same thing.

Geronimo: Hello, MCA chief Chua Soi Lek, where are you? How about a debate between MCA and Umno this time on the implementation of hudud?

After all, you have supported the proclamation of an Islamic state by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. So what's stopping you?

Stried: It looks like PM Najib Razak's effort to walk the middle path is going to waste, as more of his people are going towards the right - extremely.

Patriot: This is what I call the biggest hypocrites of all time. ‘Hypocrite' in Arabic is ‘munafiq'.

When PAS had proposed this idea, the hypocrites cried that it was backward, extremist, cruel and what not. But when a leader from Umno proposes hudud, the munafiq are suddenly all for it.

Personally, I think it's a big plus point for PAS, and even for Pakatan Rakyat (although some may disagree).

The Umno leaders are now saying they opposed PAS' brand of hudud because the Islamic law is for Muslims only. Whereas Umno is suggesting hudud for all.

So for Chua Soi Lek and his supporters, their tails are now caught between their legs. This is a slap in the face for the MCA chief.

So, instead of asking DAP or Karpal's stance on PAS and hudud, now let's put the question back to Chua and gang in MCA.

Proarte: What is hudud? Do Muslims know? Why are Muslims talking about its 'comprehensive' implementation when they do not know what it entails?

Is there a consistent understanding of what hudud is in the Muslim world? Malays must ask why 95 percent of Muslims worldwide are not governed by hudud law. Could it be an unworkable law in the modern world?

We all know that Malay politicians use this hudud issue to play politics. They are not sincere and only bring shame and ridicule to Islam. In any case, how can hudud be implemented when it is unconstitutional?

Furthermore, hudud law like any law requires impartiality and people of integrity to administer it. Do we really believe that Malaysia has such people and that Umno will really allow them to administer hudud correctly and fairly?

Freemsia: This talk of wanting to implement hudud is all Umno hypocrisy. The only reason they are talking like this now is that they hope to attract back Malay Muslims who are now supporting PAS.

Ruben: Imagine the very party that has itself admitted to money politics and which is embroiled in scandals, is now campaigning for hudud laws.

I thought that Umno-BN has said all along that in a multiracial country like ours, there is no room for hudud or an Islamic state.

Well, it looks like you can never trust Umno and I wonder why the other BN coalition parties are keeping quiet on this matter, whilst when it comes to DAP/PAS, they dance to a different tune.

DesiKhan: Puteri Umno chief Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin get your facts right, please. The opposition Pakatan Rakyat did not call for hudud laws.

Odin: I am against implementing of the hudud, full-stop. Malaysia is multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-cultural, and it is the 21st century, not the 6th century.

Since the laws are believed by Muslims to have come from Allah, certain punishments, no matter how unjust or barbaric they are in today's society, no matter if they infringe on human rights, are deemed immutable.

Also, being a product of the period when women were practically of no consideration, I doubt that would-be female offenders of today will receive just treatment. Further, it seems that there are movements even in Islam that are concerned about the validity of the very hadith itself, which has a major influence in the formulation of Islamic law.

And when you have muftis who are so bigoted as to even ban such things as the poco-poco dance because in executing certain steps you are describing the crucifix, then Malaysia would be in serious problem if the hudud was implemented.

Azizi Khan: This week in Afghanistan, a husband videoed himself killing his wife who was accused of committing adultery.

The charge was laid and the accused sentenced in less than a day. He shot her with a machine gun.

No matter how you "dress up" hudud, this is what is boils down to - husbands and men have more rights than women and non-Muslims.

The syariah system doesn't even support women - what makes the leaders in Umno think that implementing hudud will be any better.

Wira: Puteri Umno, you are out of touch with the youths you claim to represent. They want K-pop, not hudud.

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