BN script increasingly out of sync

YOURSAY 'If I were to make accusations regarding communist and terrorist infiltration, I am very sure the police will come knocking on my door.'

Hisham 'not sure' about terrorists infiltrating Pakatan

your sayMeranti Kepong: Malaysians should have their eyes wide open, now that the Umno-BN government is stooping so low as to create this communist and religious fanatic bogey to frighten the people to vote for them.

I think most Malaysians are reasonable people and they know the liars in Umno, including PM Najib Razak.

He knows his days as an ‘unelected PM' are numbered, hence he allows his cohorts in Umno, including the Special Branch, to create this fiction.

Sa Tombs: If you give the Special Branch (SB) half a chance, they will say Najib is a communist plant because of his daughter's Kazakhstan connection.

They would also say that the way PM is giving away money is the beginning of a cultural revolution, like the one that took place in China years ago.

We really have some paranoid extremists in PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police). Do you think that these kind of bigots only exist in religious circles? These fellows lack knowledge, and will say anything to score brownie points.

Joker: Either Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein is derelict in his duties by not reading the reports from the Special Branch or the SB people deem it more important to disclose such security information to a 'young leaders' conference.

Either way, our nation's security does not seem to be on strong grounds. Or maybe both of my assertions are wrong. It could be simply that the home minister knows that his SB people are just indulging in a bit of BS (bullshit).

After all, Utusan Malaysia says it is okay to spin and lie if it concerns Pakatan Rakyat and the home minister did nothing to invoke the PPPA (Printing Presses and Publications Act), which makes it a crime for newspapers to lie and stoke tension amongst peace-loving Malaysians.

Abasir: How is it that a Special Branch operator was allowed to make a public statement on a "security" matter at a political gathering which the home minister says he is not sure of?

A case of the tail wagging the dog? Or is it that someone in the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) did not share the hastily prepared script with this minister, who is not the sharpest among those in the cabinet?

AnSoN: If I were to make accusations or statements such as this regarding communist and terrorist infiltration, I am very sure the police will come knocking on my door and arrest me in no time.

YF: Hishammuddin, you are not sure? That's a very unprofessional and irresponsible statement from someone who is in charge of the security of the country.

This can only mean that the home minister himself does not believe his own people. Clearly, the Umno script was being delivered in such an out-of-sync manner that Hishammuddin was not sure what he was suppose to say.

Chuath: Again, stupid is as stupid does. What kind of answer is that from a home minister? Is he not in contact with the Special Branch police?

If he does not know, are they keeping something from him? How can he be monitoring the situation, as he claims, if he already admitted that he does not know?

If it is not true, he should take the Special Branch to task and owe it to us to issue a statement to that effect. Why are we still paying all these incompetent men?

Multi Racial: This is the sign of desperate and weak politicians trying to hang on to power by cooking lies. Come to think of it, this is probably one thing they are good at it.

Onyourtoes: You are the home minister and you are not sure what your SB said was true or not? How can the SB reveal highly sensitive information without first briefing you?

Are you saying they have no respect for you? Are you saying it does not matter that they brief you or not?

You know what, if you really have guts and want to do the right thing, this is what you should have said:

"This officer was saying things without first briefing me. If what he said was true, I will sack him for revealing to the press highly sensitive information without first seeking authorisation.

"If what he said was not true, I will sack him and put him under ISA for jeopardising national security and causing unnecessary alarm."

Anonymous_40c3: The stable door was left opened by SB and the horses have bolted. What's so sensitive about the matter if disclosure was made before investigations were completed?

RAW: It goes something like this... You secretly spread rumours about your enemy and when someone asks you about it, you said you are not sure about the rumours, hoping to (i) distract people from the source of the rumours, (ii) appear open-minded, and (iii) lend credence to the rumours through reverse psychology.

Not Confused: I literally cheered when I read this story. It means that even more rakyat will be moved to support the opposition.

How anyone could suggest that JI and communist sympathisers were infiltrating the opposition - it is so ludicrous that it beggars belief.

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