Serial tragi-comedy of PI Bala continues

YOURSAY 'We already have an idea of who are the crooks who can be bought and sold, it's a matter of just how much money.'

PI Bala: They tried to bribe me... again

your sayMoontime: This Malaysiakini article reveals more evidence of the type of scoundrels, rogues and villains in and around Umno. Private investigator P Balasubramaniam is smart.

He outwitted the perpetrators at their own game and as icing on the cake, held a trump card against them.

With this kind of behind the scene shenanigans, I wonder how Umno can ever survive unscathed and regain its lost glory. The ship's going down, better abandon it now!

Absalom: From this long-running serial tragi-comedy, we already have an idea of who are the crooks who can be bought and sold, it's a matter of just how much money.

And we have a clear understanding of who are the real criminals who need to do the buying or selling, to keep themselves out of jail or to keep their loot. Plus we also get to know who are the leeches and maggots out to take a quick bite out of whatever spills from the above feeding frenzy.

All are scum of a varying degree of stench, fit to be flushed down the toilets of history. A lesson for the Pakatan Rakyat people should they take over - money can buy you luxury and good times for a while but real long-lasting honour, dignity, pride and a decent place in history can only be had through integrity and selfless use of the power bestowed by the people.

A case in point on opposite sides of the spectrum - one of our former PMs compared to Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela, for example.

Vijay47: Much as I would like to believe this latest revelation by Bala, something just defies logic and does not gel.

About a year or so ago, Bala came out of the political closet and informed the whole world the 'real' Altantuya Shaariibuu story and that businessman Deepak Jaikishan and friends were the ones who persuaded or forced him to change his statutory declaration.

Are we now to believe that after he squealed, this same gang again approached him to come out with another story?

Granted that association with Umno impairs one's thinking capacity but surely nobody can be that stupid to expose themselves to the same trap?
Bumiasli: This story is like a fairytale. Why did Bala take the money in the first place if he was not going to cooperate with them?

I feel he is increasing his market value so that they would pay him more to agree. Anyway, who will trust a guy who keeps changing his tales.

Bender: If all of this is true, then Bala should release all the recordings that he claimed he made of the whole transaction.

Without hearing those recordings with my own ears, I find it hard to convince myself that this expose is genuine. Like someone said in this comment section, Bala could as well be playing his own game of tit-for-tat.

Geronimo: Bala, much as we appreciate your expose on the matter, the question that lingers on everyone's mind is this: What if Deepak had paid you the full sum as promised, you wouldn't have spilled the beans, would you?

P Dev Anand Pillai: If this is okay with the Malay society, where one leader brings down the other using the ever compliant state-owned media, then we are definitely not a democracy and we are just a pretentious nation where even the democracy that we practise is a false one.

It only goes to show how stupid the people can be, and kept being told the fairy tales that the BN government wants us to believe.

Bala can't be blamed here, he did what every family man would do. We have to blame ourselves for allowing Umno to rule us for so long.

Where Do We Go From Here?: Bala, you have again made us proud. People like your goodself are just remarkable characters who are willing to stand up for justice and truth, despite the great dangers that you may inflict upon yourself by telling the truth.

We admire you. We hope there are more Malaysians like you. We stand proud as Malaysians when we think of you.

Anonymous #19098644: The ruling party politicians of this country have degenerated to such an extent that bribery, slander, lies, strong-arm tactics and even murder have become the norm for them.

This country of ours needs to turn away from all this for the sake of our children. We need to change the federal government.

Snoopyjnr: What is surprising is that this man is still alive. I would have thought the Malaysian Gestapo had got to him by now.

Malayamuda: A movie shooting within a movie shooting...

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