Khalid can teach BN a thing or two about prudency

YOURSAY 'I have never known any state having surplus funds for as long as I took interest in politics and political developments in Malaysia.'

S'gor MB: RM2bil cash reserve not for BN's taking

your sayAnonymous #19098644: Selangor and Malaysia are really lucky that we have a highly competent and honest man working his butt off for the rakyat.

Compared to PM Najib Abdul Razak who has more than doubled the Malaysian national debt in the last four years, MB Khalid Ibrahim has built up a solid reserve for the people of Selangor.

Where Najib has been going on shopping sprees, the Selangor MB has seen his golf clubs collect dust. You don't see Penang CM Lim Guan Eng spending time on the golf course trying to kill time or making self-interested deals like BN politicians.

Malaysia needs more of such result-orientated people to turn this country around.

Absalom: His golf clubs may be gathering dust but as an MB, Khalid is still a single handicapper.

The previous administrations could also have built up such big savings but I am sure their savvy management techniques have ensured that these are well-invested for the "needy" in bungalows, overseas study tours and other safe investments overseas.

Fairnessforall: While most Selangorians are very happy with the Pakatan government and Khalid, and know that we will be voting them in for a second term, the fact that BN has been cheating and finding new ways to cheat is worrisome.

Something needs to be done to ensure that no foreigners and phantom voters are allowed to vote.

It's sad that the Election Commission is helping BN by registering all these illegal voters. If BN wins, then we know they cheated as the majority of Selangorians will be voting Pakatan again.

Sa Tombs: Dear MB, why else do you think that BN is eyeing Selangor? They want your coffers so that it can be handed over to cronies for some sure-to-fail project like putting up a cable car from Shah Alam to Putrajaya. Well, let them dream on.

IloveBN: I have never known any state having surplus funds for as long as I took interest in politics and political developments in Malaysia.

Penang and Selangor have done it in just one term. Selangor has RM2.1 billion of its own despite all the hurdles created by BN. Penang's surplus funds should be in the same region as well.

Both state leaders have done an excellent job and have become the envy of BN MPs and ministers. Khalid and LGE (Lim Guan Eng) should conduct classes for the rest of the state leaders, other than Kedah and Kelantan, on how to manage their state coffers.

Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin, too, has built a surplus of almost RM800 million before BN took over the state and cleaned the coffers.

In four years, Khalid and LGE did what BN could not in 50 years. Kudos guys.

Ex-Wfw: With the experience gained in Selangor and Penang, Pakatan should use this to help other states like Kelantan and Kedah to progress.

Progress is one thing BN cannot prevent. And with progress, the mindset will change and this is what BN is trying to instill - no change, no progress and business as usual as their guiding light.

If indeed Selangoreans are cheated of their rights to determine their own destiny through planted foreigner voters, then BN supporters will have to answer for this debacle.

Anonymous #06659895: In every constituency in Selangor and elsewhere, Pakatan should station a dozen helpers with videos and cameras ready to take pictures of the whole process at the polling centres. It's easy to recognise the foreign faces.

Clever Voter: The majority of the people I know will vote for PKR, but unfortunately many live in Puchong and Petaling Jaya, which are large constituencies.

The challenge is for PKR to compete in semi-urban areas where most likely, a lot of cheating will take place.

Balakrishnan Nair: It is so nice reading this article - responses from a non-corrupt man whose sole aim is to bring integrity, respectability and zero corruption to the state.

The powers-that-be will try everything to bring him down but I believe the rakyat are smarter now than before.

Lin: I am born to an unwanted race being told to go back to my country of origin since primary school. But I stayed on and I will stay on because of Pakatan. Same goes with some of my friends.

I especially respect Khalid and for what he has done to my beloved state. My parents told me, fight for what you believe in.

If Pakatan loses, I am going to leave Malaysia for good. I would prefer to be a pariah in other countries than to be in a country where democracy is false.

Odin: Only four years managing the state, and instead of the state being in debt, it has a cash surplus of RM2 billion.

Najib has been in power over the same period, and Malaysia's debt has more than doubled to close to RM600 billion.

Who would you root for? Obvious, isn't it?

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