Time for parties with racial bent to face reality

YOURSAY 'When we compartmentalise people according to ethnicity and religion, all troubles begin and the nation gets torn to bits.'

The years of living racially

your sayDisgusted: National Interlok Action Team (Niat), Hindraf and all racially-leaning parties, grow up and face reality. We live in Malaysia and Malaysia is for Malaysians, not for Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, Kadazans, Ibans or Orang Asli.

When we compartmentalise people according to ethnicity and religion, all troubles begin and the nation gets torn to bits.

Those, irrespective of race or religion, who need help, must be helped - not spoon fed, but given equal opportunity to make a living and survive in this land of ours.

The biggest problem now is the influx of foreigners into this country who through buying corrupt politicians and civil servants, get citizenship and business licences thereby depriving genuine citizens of a chance to earn a decent living.

They also contribute to the increase in crime and depress the value of our currency.

FellowMalaysian: It would be more apt if S Thayaparan's article is entitled 'The years of living racially and dangerously.'

The Indian community here is too fractious and disinterested in the welfare of their race and they have themselves to blame.

The illustrious ones like Ananda Krishnan are only concerned with becoming rich but neglect the poor masses. Indians need to be jolted from their long slumber and predicament, but calling for more ministerial posts will not solve this problem.

Abasir: For those who would take time to reflect: you cannot cross a chasm in a single leap. Any foolhardy but well-intentioned attempt to do so would result in a well-deserved plunge.

Dismantling the system of cronyism and patronage require more skill than is required for a Malaysiakini column.

It is fashionable to write about how the Indians are this and that and for the supervisor class of Indians (they know who they are) to dishonestly use terms such as 'mandores'.

It is equally disingenuous of the armchair critics whose whisky-induced passivity (and sometimes, active collaboration) propped up the regime for 55 years to now speak of racism, to decry any attempt by the Thasleems and Uthayas of Malaysia to do something to move the needle.

But I suppose that is how this journey will continue - with some pushing on despite the odds, while others stay by the sidelines, cheering and in many cases, jeering.

Malaysian Pariah: Racial politics should end if we love the country and want the rakyat to have a good standard of living and be the pride and envy of the world.

Umno practises racial politics and has brainwashed us into thinking racially. The best man should be the prime minister - one nation, one race and one soul.

Gandhi: Niat is a Johnny-come-lately pack, which is dreaming that by gathering in comfy halls and issuing far-fetched statements, it can solve Indian problems.

What is Niat's purpose? Which sector of the Indian community are they representing?

To me, they are a bunch of newbies with no basic agenda like Hindraf. How is asking for post of deputy prime minister and a surplus of ministers going to solve the century-old problems faced by Indians?

Who is Niat secretary Arun Dorasamy? Does he have any social work to his name? What sacrifices have (Niat) president Thasleem Mohd Ibrahim and Arun gone through to represent Indians?

Do they know all of the problems Indians are facing? With its superficial knowledge, Niat is trying to impress the ignorant Indians.

An Old Malaysian: I will gladly vote for a true Malaysian, irrespective of race, into office if he has all the good qualities in him.

He has to be honest, loyal to the country, non-racist, humble, willing to help the poor and unfortunate, etc. Do not vote a person based solely on his/her race.

LLfly: The quickest way to start the process is to get rid of that unnecessary box on all forms that insists on identifying every Malaysian by race.

A number of my relatives are obliged to tick one particular box despite the fact that they have blood of all the major groups running in their veins, plus that of 'others' as well. I find this ludicrous in the extreme.

Yap CS: Racist policies and attitudes have to be dismantled. The consideration is how to do it without causing severe communal clashes and disruption. BN has no interest in doing it.

I think Pakatan Rakyat is willing to do so. But is the proposed approach by Pakatan workable? Is it the wisest or most balanced or most fair? We can argue till the cows come home.

Meanwhile, work has got to be done, and we pray it gets done before we are overtaken by events.

Tuah: Niat and other NGOs demanding this and that position based on race is surely playing into the hands of Umno. It is a most silly and failed experiment as evidenced by the five decades of racial politicking.

Malaysian must now be run on a two-party system of governance based on good democratic principles like in the United States, United Kingdom, etc. Only then can we see fairness and excellence from the rakyat.

Dont Just Talk: 55 years of corrupted rule under a single-party system has caused Malaysia to be what it is today.

Malaysians must first get their act right by supporting a two-party system to eradicate abuses, implement meritocracy, review the abused NEP (New Economic Policy) and the hated BTN (Biro Tatanegara). It may take another 55 years to remedy the rot that has taken root in the country.

As for the PM and DPM posts, it does not matter which race leads the country, black or white, so long as it is a honest cat that can do its job, able to catch those corrupt rats, which are in abundance and running wild in Malaysia since 1981, under a corrupt rat, who claims to be a Malay but actually is another ‘pendatang' (immigrant) from Kerala, India.

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