Chua Sr, blackmail won't work in Selangor

YOURSAY 'Next, we are going to have a telecommunication crisis when they jam the phone lines. We are now held to ransom by BN.'

MCA: Selangor, KL to suffer year-end power cuts

your sayPemerhati: Umno out sources its dirty work to its many paid lackeys, poodles and running dogs. We have seen them in action during the various nasty incidents such as the cow-head incident, the stone-throwing incidents and the pornographic tape incidents.

They also have the two Alis, Hasan and Ibrahim, to create racial and religious hatred and tension. Now Umno is using its over-sexed poodle in MCA (with his sex videotape, Umno can blackmail him to do anything it wants) to try and discredit the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Selangor by claiming that there will soon be electricity disruptions.

It is strange that Umno does not realise that most people know that the water supply and electricity is controlled by its lackeys and if there is any disruption, most people will immediately think that it is being deliberately done by Umno because they are desperate to win the elections.

Fair Deal: Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has been offered three alternative routes. However due to instigation from you-know-who, they insisted on building the transmission lines over a dense settlement. So who is at fault if there is a real power shortage?

Anonymous #19098644: Why isn't Tenaga adopting the cheaper recommended alternative suggested by the consultant appointed by the Selangor government?

Now that the BN admits that land is a state matter, when is it going to admit that water too is a state matter? This is the same party which sold out the people of Kuantan, Raub, Pengerang and now they want to sell out the people of Kampung Sungai Terentang.

ONG: This issue is not new. It started long before 2008 when BN ran the state government. I believe at that time there were about 50 building owners, who all had land titles to their property and were not squatters.

What I cannot understand is why TNB and the then BN state government could not get together to compensate a mere 50 landowners with equally good if not better replacements for their land and houses.

I find it hard to believe that the villagers would have rejected equally good or better land and houses as compensation. Just like the water problem, this electricity problem was created by BN.

In any case, I believe it is still possible for TNB and the Pakatan state government to cooperate in finding a way to offer acceptable compensation to the villagers.

Another point of interest is that the five or six years delay has not caused power shortage to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor but suddenly, on the eve of the next GE, BN is using an impending power shortage issue to blackmail voters.

Swipenter: The way MCA goes about doing things, it is hard to believe that the party would be relevant after GE13. Father and son are barking aimlessly at Selangor government for trying to solve the "shortage" of water and power and Talam debts problem - all inherited from the previous Umno state administration.

These two Chuas made themselves look like lapdogs of Umno by ignoring who were responsible for the "impending" water and power shortage as well as the Talam debts.

Instead they go about chastising and blaming the Pakatan administration for trying to solve these inherited problems despite having obstacles deliberately thrown at them by the two GLCs (government-linked companies) with the connivance and tacit approval of the Umno-BN federal government.

MCA has completely lost touch with the voters and grassroots. They seem to be living in a world of their own making. The federal government can no longer bully the state government (and voters) with impunity. MCA doesn't seem to realise this to their detriment.

Ferdtan: One puzzling question - Umno has more seats than MCA (only two state seats), why is MCA leading the charge in the political war against the Pakatan-led Selangor government?

Is it because Selangor Umno has no capable leaders, and the central BN government has given up on them? Something is not right in the Selangor Umno camp when you don't hear much from them.

Well done, Selangor Umno, you certainly have great faith in your Chinese MCA partners, unlike your outsourced friends, Perkasa.

Superwoman6: Desperados, scare tactics don't win votes.

Kalui 64: CSL (Chua Soi Lek) and his three cronies should have held the press conference in Kampung Sungai Terentang, Rawang. Then he will know that he will get zero support from the residents there.

CSL is playing God. If there is power failure and water disruptions in December, we will know who is responsible.

Onyourtoes: What is wrong to ask TNB to consider the alternative routes? The people have the right to protect their health and safety. For BN, it is big corporation and profit at the expense of the people.

No, if there is outage, we will blame the federal government and TNB for being obstinate and insensitive. So too is water - if there is any problem, we will blame Syabas and its ‘taiko', the federal government.

I am so glad there was 308 (March 8, 2008). We can well imagine how our rights will trampled by you renegades if there is no state government to protect us.

Anonymous #32993250: This issue is that people in that area want TNB not to install transmission line on their land and requested to shift. Selongor under Pakatan is responsive to the rakyat and want the transmission line to be shifted.

But TNB is adamant and this issue is now politised by Umno and MCA. This is because BN has been our masters far too long and they had no inkling of rakyat's aspirations.

Unspin: For a federal government that wanted to construct a 700km multi-billion ringgit submarine cable across the South China Sea to transmit electricity from Bakun Dam to peninsular Malaysia, one would imagine that it is a no brainer to build a short alternative bypass for Kampung Sungai Terentang.

Presumably the reason why nobody is interested in Kampung Sungai Terentang is because there is no money in it for the rent-seekers or MCA.

Anonymous_rb345: BN is punishing Selangorians for voting Pakatan. First, they claimed we will have a water crisis. Now, we will face a power crisis if we don't elect BN.

Next, we are going to have telecommunication crisis when they jam the fixed and wireless phone lines. We are now held to ransom by BN.

We must stand up to these threats and kick out BN everywhere in Malaysia. This extortion will not work and we shall not be cowed by BN.

Little Hantu: Is MCA on a suicide mission for self-destruction? Hudud, water crisis, power blackout, their support for section 114A of the Evidence Act, etc?

Abasir: Those who are known to indulge in secret nocturnal activities should be looking forward to power cuts. Concealed video cameras need AC power as back up if the batteries fail.

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