A mum won't publicly badmouth her son

YOURSAY 'I wonder why a mother would badmouth her son in public? A mother would love her son even if he's a murderer.'

Azmin's Raya no-show upsets mum

Akutuan: Che Tom Yahaya, I think you are the only mother who go public with your family rift time and again. I am a father myself and I disagree with your way of telling the whole world about your son.

Anonymous #62163581: Mothers must rise above the ambitions and arguments proffered by state, political parties and jealous siblings.

In your heart, Che Tom and face-to-face with God in prayer, do you not ask only that Azmin Ali will meet with you alone and exchange a sincere word of love beyond all the noisy concerns of others in the family, and politicians from the outside?

Whether he comes home for Hari Raya is only symptomatic of a greater problem you need to examine with your heart.

God grants you the necessary vision to act before the next Raya. Just being a mother doesn't automatically mean he must bow to your wishes. He could, but it will only be a show and you don't want that.

Taikohtai: Don't worry too much, makcik. I am sure there shall be a good ending, even a great ending.

How would you like to see your son as a minister one day, may be even a deputy PM. Surely that would make any mother the proudest mum in the world, betul?

Lim Chong Leong: Malaysiakini, please don't run this garbage. The Utusan Malaysia interview with Che Tom is obviously meant to smear.

Whatever they have between mother and son and the rest of their family is personal and not of public interests.

AnSoN: I would suggest that Azmin brings along some Malaysiakini photographers and reporters and his group of supporters, pay a quiet visit to her mother and ask for forgiveness, regardless of how painful it might be, then see how the situation goes.

Ignore what the Utusan says or report. More so, don't care about how the mother and the sisters react but do as a filial son would do.

Forgive the other party and ask for forgiveness whether you are right or wrong, that will give you more pahala.

Anonymous #18452573: You know, initially many of us felt for Che Tom as we all have mothers but wondered why such a personal matter was made public a year ago by a mother over her son's filial piety.

But this time, your choice to make public and disgrace your son and drag him in front of public again does not speak too well of you as a mother or parent.

Children are often accused of failing their parents. But when a parent does likewise deliberately, it makes you wonder what kind of parent would do that.

While most of us are filial, we all have friends who don't have very good parents and understand why they stay away.

Good parents are protective and no matter what, would never shame or dishonour their children in public. She should have kept it a personal matter if she had truly planned for any reconciliation.

Anonymous Cat: Why is somebody so proud to tell the world that the son is not coming back for Raya?

Chuath: Washing dirty linen in public must be part of her family culture. Surely if she is interested in holding her family together, this is not the way to go. I think they can do with some counselling.

Bluemountains: I sympathised with Che Tom because she did not realise that she was being used by certain parties for political mileage. Please leave the 79-year-old lady alone. Whoever who is exploiting her is committing a great sin.

RockaBilly: Another Ummi Hafilda's political stunt. It's not a bad mother but a bad sister.

Anonymous_3e06: Forgiveness is a two-way process. One must want it and the other must be willing to give or receive it. It is not at our time that forgiveness works, but in Allah's time.

Anonymous #07443216: Che Tom, if you really love and long to see your son, then you are the one who should ask your son for forgiveness as you are the one who washed your dirty linen in public.

Don't blame your son for not wanting to go home. Before you went public to badmouth your son, you should have thought about the repercussions

Karma: It is the bottom of a jar for Umno. No mother will ever bother to split their children in politics. For all, politics is just 'work'. It is just a profession like every other business rivalry.

I hope my mum will not 'disown' me if I prefer one airline over that of her choice.

Sabahan: I wonder why a mother would badmouth her son in public? A mother would love her son even if he's a murderer. There are many unanswered questions here.

Jkthum: No prizes for guessing who is the ‘batu api' here. Well, to fight for justice requires some sacrifices (hopefully temporary). Once the battle is won, then the truth emerges for all to see.

All is not what it seems, Che Tom, all is not what it seems.

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