Hooliganism won't deliver lost Chinese votes

YOURSAY 'How does any of this repulsive shenanigans help MCA regain the Chinese votes that they have so comprehensively lost in the last GE?'

PKR rep files police report on scuffle kick

your sayChangeagent: Making false but serious allegations against the Pakatan Rakyat state government, denying them the opportunity to a right of reply in a MCA-sanctioned event, acting rowdy against the Pakatan representatives as they attempt to leave the event, and finally kicking a woman on her lower waist.

How does any of this repulsive shenanigans help MCA regain the Chinese votes that they have so comprehensively lost in the last general elections?

Versey: The happenings just prove that Chua Jr (Labis MP Chua Tee Yong) has no basis for all his allegations and therefore he was giving all kinds of excuses to avoid any questioning or debate with the Selangor MB's representatives in public.

If he were so sure of his findings, he would have just reported it to MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and passed the case on to their buddies there.

On hindsight, the night's event could have been planned out with the wicked intention to intimidate the MB's representatives. Shame on MCA and its supporters for such thuggish behaviour.

Due to the tarnished image/reputation of its leaders, it is better for people to keep a distance from such a disgusting party whose leaders do not condemn (or rather condone?) hooliganism.

Rakyat-in-Grief: Chua Tee Yong, you think big when in fact you are only a small fry in politics.

You are a deputy minister by proxy to your father and not because you are mature enough to be one.

You dare challenge MB Khalid Ibrahim for a debate thus equating yourself to his position forgetting the fact that even your father is not qualified to debate with him.

You have to learn quite a lot about political ethics, public relations and human decency.

Don't think that you can achieve anything good through violence.

Geronimo: My suggestion to the Pakatan leaders is to cease all form of dialogues, debates, forums, etc, with MCA. Let us all focus on annihilating them come GE13.

They know the MB would not be coming, so why didn't they call the event off, i.e. if Chua Jr really want to debate with the MB.

Instead they used his absence to ridicule Khalid. It is despicable of Chua Jr and the organisers to behave in such an underhanded manner.

We the Rakyat: You don't come to debate when you know that you are not wanted. The MB's representatives came for the press conference.

Weeks ago, Chua already said he wanted Khalid, not PJ Utara MP Tony Pua and his merry band.

So for Pua to say he came to debate was a lie - it was to pre-empt Chua from claiming a moral victory.

Wira: MCA's Chiew Lian Keng, you useless senator. The four representatives from Pakatan came to debate. This was announced in Malaysiakini and the Chinese media.

If Chua Jr chose not to debate, then the four were at least entitled to hold a PC and issue a statement to the press.

You don't learn to spin like your corrupt Umno masters, okay? This is not Malaysian culture.

Jk7462000: Chiew, people have eyes. They know a debt recovery exercise when they see one.

Your morally deprived president's son has clearly shot himself in the foot as far as Selangorians are concerned.

To continue with this ridiculous harping on the Talam issue is only going to backfire really bad on MCA.

MCA is as good as buried not by any outsider but by MCA's own doing.

It is common knowledge that Talam chief Chan Ah Chye is a MCA crony. You cannot fool us.

Anonymous1234@): Hooliganism is a standard behaviour for BN component parties.

You think this will get you anywhere, you are wrong. Start collecting the hell notes, you need them after next GE.

Four held during Talam debate for carrying weapons

iThink: Are the police so naive that the four youths could not be identified which side they were from.

They could be paid by an unknown MCA leader claiming that it was Pakatan who hired them.

These thugs are out to create a scene badly needed by desperadoes, and who could these desparados be?

Dappy: Shame on you, MCA. Being hosts, you gathered your gangsters and thugs to harass and create a ruckus.

Now all can see you are no different from your Umno masters. While Umno employs ‘mat rempits' and thugs, MCA employs Chinese ‘samsengs'.

Narrish: Whether they are from Pakatan or BN, they have to be punished for carrying weapons to a debate. And not only them, but also the person who asked them to come armed with weapons.

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