Has The Star reached a tipping point?

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COMMENT They say a bad ad does more harm than good. But that message seems to be lost on RAPP KL, the international agency behind the ‘kick-ass' MCA ads that attacks the opposition in The Star .

The public backlash in social media had respondents fuming mad citing them as malicious.

One ad which reads, "A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS" had a leading journalist respond, "A vote for BN can also be a vote for Perkasa."

Everything seems to be going wrong with the campaign.

The ads that ran on Sunday appear to have been written before the DAP was allowed to use their rocket symbol, but it was too late to change the ads. Hence the ad where the Rocket morphs into a PAS symbol draws further confusion.

A regional advertising industry publisher got into the fray today saying: "Like The Star , ad agency RAPP KL links back to MCA as it is part of the Foetus Group, which also includes Naga DDB, Milk PR, Beyond Events and Vizeum Media Services."

The Foetus Group chairperson is Vincent Lee, who is also executive deputy chairperson of Star Publications (M) Bhd. Sadly, the finger points directly to Lee.

In other words, MCA = The Star .

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