Does gov’t have political will to revoke Zakir’s PR?

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MP SPEAKS | It was reported yesterday that at the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) dialogue held with Indian Malaysian youths on Wednesday, MIC president S Subramaniam had said that controversial Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik has no place in Malaysia.

He gave the reply when asked why the preacher was given permanent residency (PR).

He was also reported as saying that Zakir is not going to contribute to the advancement of Islam in the country.

I find Subramaniam’s answer unsatisfactory as he did not give any commitment as to what he, MIC or the government will do about the permanent residency granted to Zakir Naik.

He should know that what the people and the Indian Malaysian community want is action and not mere words or explanations.

Why he could not give a simple and clear answer as to whether the government will revoke or review the permanent residency granted?

I have three questions for Subramaniam:

1. When thousands of stateless and red IC holders have been denied the privilege of a PR leading to citizenship, why was Zakir given the privilege?

2. Has MIC expressed its unhappiness on the PR issue to the prime minister and the home minister?

3. Will Subramaniam raise the issue in the cabinet and ask that Zakir’s PR be revoked?

On April 15, India’s Enforcement Directorate filed a charge sheet against Zakir Naik’s company Harmony Media Ltd and his colleague Aamir Gazdar for alleged money-laundering.

It was reported that leaders from both sides of the political divide in Sarawak do not want controversial Islamic preacher Zakir in the multi-religious state.

I congratulate the Sarawak political leaders for taking a clear and correct stand on Zakir Naik not being one who will help in Malaysia’s harmony.

Last month, in welcoming the BN supreme council’s decision not to push for the Shariah Bill, MIC treasurer S Vell Paari paid tribute to the late Sarawak chief minister Adenan Satem for his “heroic act’ in objecting to the PAS-sponsored bill.

He had said : “Let us not forget also the effort, commitment and firm stand of the late Adenan Satem who during his time as Sarawak CM opposed the implementation of hudud in Sarawak by taking into consideration the various ethnic composition of the state. The heroic act by the late Adenan gave strength to all the component party presidents to continue the fight in opposing the amendment of Act 355 by the government.”

MIC is clearly again one step behind the Sarawak BN leaders on Zakir Naik’s PR issue. Now that the Sarawak leaders have provided the strength, will MIC raise the issue in cabinet and bring a finality to this issue?


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