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    • MACC raids another of Isa Samad's house

      Graft-busters spend about two hours raiding Isa's house in Nilai, after the first raid in Selangor yesterday.  Read more

    • Suhakam: Ayer Molek lockup conditions 'cruel and inhumane'

      Poor sanitation forces police personnel to buy their own face masks and gloves to protect themselves from diseases. Read more

    • Illegal factory expanded under DAP gov't, claims Gerakan

      Gerakan man presents satellite evidence that allegedly shows the factory becoming more 'visible' since DAP took Penang in 2008. Read more

    • Sixteen-year-old lion dance performer Selva Kumar prepares for his performance at Petaling Street. Read more


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            True cost of ECRL may exceed RM100b

            The only winner in this horrific scam is China.

            P Gunasegaram
            'P Gunasegaram'

            Attack on the 92-year-old strengthens our resolve

            COMMENT | Targeting the former PM a sign of desperation on the part of Umno-Baru.

            Mariam Mokhtar
            'Mariam Mokhtar'

            ‘Nothing to Hide’ violence - the shape of things to come

            Umno not only turning on Malay community, it is also turning on its own.

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'


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