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    • Yes, I didn't do any development projects as PM, quips Dr M

      'I didn’t build buildings or roads. All of those were done by the workers. Not one brick was put in by me.' Read more

    • IGP: Umno Youth vs Bersatu Youth ruckus 'petty and shameful'

      'We are all adults, not little children anymore. We have to show our maturity.' Read more

      Alyaa Alhadjri

    • DAP rep challenges Customs Dept to court over 'dubious' GST refund claim

      Otherwise, Customs DG should issue a public apology for the remark and pay the reimbursements immediately, says Eddie Ng. Read more

    • Malaysian women in traditional Japanese clothing mark the 41st Bon Odori event in Shah Alam, a traditional dance event. Read more


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            Umno’s ‘Operation Silence Dr M’ in full swing

            If successful, it would be game over for Malay oppositional forces.

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'

            Malaysians do forget easily

            Many past scandals have been consigned to the burial grounds but…

            R Nadeswaran
            'R Nadeswaran'

            Najib’s RM1.6b wooing of Felda settlers wrong

            It could be seen as bribery under Election Offences Act.

            P Gunasegaram
            'P Gunasegaram'


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