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'Ridhuan Tee has committed a seditious act'

I refer to the letter The 'Chinese ethnic Islamic scholar' is his own worst enemy .

Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is at it again and this time he has managed to shame all us Malaysians with his ultra-racist article on his blog . He claimed that his argument is intellectual and of high moral, yet he labeled all those who disagree with him as ‘ultra-kiasu’.

So, if I disagree with his view, I'm an ‘ultra-kiasu’ according to his logic. Such hypocrisy. If he is sound in his argument, he would not be resorting to labelling people who disagree with him with a label - ‘ultra-kiasu’.

I feel ashamed to share the same nationality with this PhD holder. Giving credit to his academic achievements I presume in his article has intentionally omitted at least three facts:

Fact 1: Catholic Christians in Sabah and Sarawak have been using the term ‘Allah’ long before Malaysia was formed.

The Catholic Church has in their possession hard copy evidence - a Malay-Latin dictionary published in 1631 which shows the translation for ‘Allah’ plus a Catholic prayer book published in 1894 brought over from Hong Kong to prove that they have been using the term ‘Allah’ as the name of God since four hundred years ago.

Fact 2: It is impossible to ‘confuse’ Muslims here for it is illegal to distribute any pamphlet, letter, magazine or articles on religious matters to a Muslim unless it is about Islam. The law has dictated that the Catholic weekly ‘Herald’ can only be circulated amongst the non-Muslims and therefore it would never fall into the hands of a Muslim.

So if Muslims would never get the chance to even hold a copy of this weekly newspaper, how are Muslims going to get ‘confused’ by it?

Fact 3: Christians in the Middle East have been using the term ‘Allah’ as God's name before the advent of Islam.

This Tee plays up racial sentiments and disguises himself as championing Islam. The oft-repeated words used in his article is the ‘tolerant’ Malay and the ‘ultra-kiasu’ Chinese.

This itself is evidence enough that the intention of his article is to stir racial sentiments. Ridhuan Tee has committed a seditious act.