Listen, listen, listen - we know how Bawani felt

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This ‘Listen listen listen‘ videoclip has hit a raw nerve amongst the people simply because it encapsulates, in the dramatic 19 minutes or so, what is happening to the people of this beautiful country called Malaysia.

It shows off to devastating effect the huge chasm that exists between those in positions of power and those who they think "depend" on them.

The condescending and humiliating manner in which forum panellist Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin treated UUM student KS Bawani is a reflection of what is happening to the people in reality - the opposite of what 1Malaysia is supposedly promoting.

When a select group of people are given continuous support by the powers that be to do whatever they do without any accountability for their actions, this is what you get - sheer arrogance shown by statements like: "This is my forum, I allow you to speak, When I talk, you listen".

When you talk, she removes the microphone. Isn't this similar to what is happening all around us?

Our leaders treat us like lepers waiting for a BR1M handout. (Just look at the desperate outstretched hands in Semenyih.)

If we do not like it here, we are told to leave.

Look at the ‘cow' (NFC) problems and look at the Scorpene submarine problems. Also let us not forget the ‘Guppy' problems.

All fully exposed but nobody held accountable because Umno and BN cronies are involved and they are untouchable.

I clearly remember former women's minister Sharizat Abdul Jalil literally rolling up her sleeves spoiling for a fight after she was exposed. No shame. No remorse.

Not very different from Sharifah really. Defending the indefensible. Or just sweeping it all under the carpet.

For the record , SW1M still supports Sharifah's views and actions and blames this fiasco on Bawani. I think it will surely S1NK with her.

This organisation is supposed to listen to the problems of women?

With a leader like this who seems to know more about animal problems than human problems?

She has now gone into hiding because she alleges she is being blackmailed. Her next talk show is cancelled for security reasons.

What blackmail?

Her biggest and most damaging act is out there in the open and it is hard to top that. If we can only listen, who will pay to come to your talk?

If no one shows up for the talk show, what security issue would there be apart from dying of boredom?

I hope she is hiding in shame - if she is still capable of feeling shame that is. It is her only hope for redemption.

But if she has learnt from how the country's leaders act, I doubt it - she has most likely been told to hide in a five-star resort till the dust settles.

It is almost comical to see the BN parties trip all over each other trying to distance themselves from Sharifah. "She is not representative of BN. She is no longer with us. She is uncontrollable."

She is the one nobody wants to be seen with - persona non grata.

Coming immediately after the KL112, BN is in panic and on the defensive and has to do damage control. Fast.

I think she is the sacrificial lamb because she is a small ikan bilis who still only talks about how to make a million instead of making millions or billions.

You will notice not one of the sharks have been touched yet.

When the chips are down, and her friends desert her in droves, suddenly Sharifah now knows what it is like to be treated like the pariah that she wanted to make out of Bawani.

We feel sorry for even you, as nobody should be made to feel this way because this is exactly how the people have been made to feel for many years now.

It is not a happy feeling at all. And we want change. And like it or not, with you or without you, Sharifah, change will come.

On second thoughts, we do have a lot of animal problems in Malaysia!

STAN CH LEE is a Malaysian at heart in Toronto. He used to express himself mainly through drawings and pictures, but discovered that some things are better said in words.


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