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Celebrating our shared roots on One Tree Day

I do not understand the obsession with race and race-based policies in Malaysia. It has already been scientifically proven that everyone alive today on earth share the same ancestors who left Africa around 60,000-80,000 years ago. For the scientific proof, see National Geographic ’s The Genographic Project .

The scientific fact is, all humans alive today share a common African ancestor. Yes, this means we Malaysians are all genetically-related cousins. Humans may have developed a diverse range of cultures, civilizations, and languages over the centuries but it doesn't change the fact that there is only 1HumanRace.

Think about it: When we humans get cut, we all bleed red. Doctors will tell you that when you compare the internal organs of two people from two so-called ‘different races’, you really can’t tell which internal organ came from which ‘race’ - they function and look the same. Cosmetic differences like skin colour are nothing more than natural adaptations to climate and other environmental factors - just google ‘melanin’ to learn more about skin colour.

The truth is, ‘race’ is nothing more than a false mental construct that the political class use to coerce, terrorise, and oppress the masses, so that they can remain in control. But you already knew that.

This brings me to my next point: May 13, 1969.

May 13, 1969, continues to be a day that is demonised in Malaysia and continues to scar Malaysians psychologically. Some historians say that the racial riots that took place that day were caused by Chinese people and communists, while others citing British intelligence documents say that May 13, 1969, was just a smokescreen for a leadership coup amongst the Umno politicians.

One day soon, I hope that we can find out what really transpired so that proper healing can begin amongst Malaysians.

I believe we should respect our past and learn from it. At the same time, we shouldn't allow the sins of our fathers to continue holding our children in chains. In regards to May 13, 1969, it’s not the kids’ fault, is it? So why burden them with the guilt and fear of something that happened 44 years ago? What's the purpose of releasing a movie like ‘Tanda Putera’ two days before Merdeka Day? It was totally unpatriotic and inappropriate.

The time has come for Malaysians to once and for all move on from May 13, 1969.

For this coming May 13, I would like to propose that Malaysian civil leaders proclaim it as One Tree Day (1-3 Day), to celebrate the fact that all Malaysians are beautiful leaves growing on different branches of the same tree -a tree grown from an ancient African seed.

Celebration of all things Malaysian

One Tree Day is envisioned as a huge celebration of all things Malaysian and made by Malaysians - food, music, concerts, plays, movies, cultural and social dances, awards ceremony for outstanding Malaysians and notable Malaysian achievements, etc. One Tree Day will allow us to celebrate and showcase our diverse yet shared Malaysian heritage. It’s a day when all Malaysians can come together to experience and enjoy each other's cultural heritage.

One Ttree Day could also have tree planting events, to symbolise that we Malaysians realise and celebrate our shared ancestral roots, and are firmly committed to planting a better future for ourselves and our children in Malaysia.

There could also be a specially designated Family Tree, with its various branches representing the various human cultures that blossomed from that original ancestral African seed. Imagine Malaysians and visitors from all over the world attaching their written hopes and well-wishes for Malaysia on the Family Tree.

In terms of tourism, One Tree Day could potentially become as big as Oktoberfest in Germany or Burning Man in the USA. It will be good for our economy. In terms of global reputation, One Tree Day will make the world see us Malaysians as we really are: A truly innovative, tolerant, and fun-loving bunch who know how to throw a great party!

So, instead of celebrating racist parties in Malaysia, let’s all celebrate one big Malaysian party this coming May 13 aka One Tree Day. Because, you know, the party’s so much better together-gether. We can start small and gradually build it up into an international event that people from all over the world will want to come for.

Let’s show the world what we Malaysians are really made of. Let’s show the world that Malaysians can take a negative day in our history and turn it into a positive yearly event that brings Malaysians closer together while boosting the nation's economy.

In advance, I want to wish all Malaysians Happy One Tree Day! Together we can start a new chapter and rewrite a happy ending for Malaysia.