Why the hush on Khalid- BIMB settlement?

Concerned Citizen

Modified 21 Feb 2014, 12:26 am

I am getting particularly concerned that Malaysiakini continues to highlight on speculation about a water deal behind the Kajang Move while turning a blind eye to the disquiet in the market of what will be the most controversial out-of-court settlement between Khalid Ibrahim and Bank Islam.

So far, only a handful of online portals have covered the issue. Even then, it was not pursued with the same vigour that it should have been given the implication of the settlement.

Just to recap, The Edge Financial Daily had queried Khalid on the terms of the out-of-court settlement.

Khalid had once borrowed about RM60 million from Bank Islam to purchase shares and when the share price tumbled, he ended up owing that much (plus interest) to Bank Islam.

What is perhaps not known is how Khalid had completely kept all discussions on the settlement from his lawyer, Malik Imtiaz, who was not in the know.

This took place at the most opportune time - after Selangor has announced that it was willing to surrender its water assets to the federal government and Khalid’s reticence in dealing with the race and religion issues in Selangor.

To the inquisitive mind of normal Malaysians, the series of developments is arguably highly suspicious and warrants a closer scrutiny especially on the part of Khalid, at least for the sake of transparency and integrity.

When The Edge Financial Daily queried Khalid, he was quoted as dismissively saying that it was his private transaction that has nothing to do with the state or the party.

When Haris Ibrahim began to publish the issue on his blog, I feel obliged to write to online portals because for the sake of transparency and integrity, Khalid and Bank Islam need to explain what are the basis and terms of the settlement.

Let the people decide for themselves as it is necessary to clear the air immediately. Otherwise, rumours will continue to become the talk of the town.

Which is why I think it is only fair that online portals like Malaysiakini and others pursue the matter more vigorously than it pursues the hypothetical speculation of the alleged water deal.

I understand that Khalid’s image is good in the eyes of the public. To safeguard that image, he must be subjected to a public scrutiny.

I now await to see whether Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider, The Malaymail Online, The Malaysian Chronicle, fz.com, The Heat, FreeMalaysiaToday and others will run the story.

If they do not (at which I would not be surprised), perhaps the bigger problem remains the biased media, whichever side they support.

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