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Will herd mindset drown the nation?

JD Lovrenciear  |  Published:  |  Modified:

When Dr Mahathir Mohamad opens his mouth, he makes sense. What he says appeals to logic. What he expresses is not devoid of pathos.

All the anti-Mahathir cybertroopers who rebut with dust-storms digging up the ex-PM’s own past mistakes merely to defend the present prime minister are only making a double fool of the very leader/s they claim to defend.

Is Najib Abdul Razak aware of this in the first place, we wonder.

Yes, Dr Mahathir has asked very basic and simple questions that any teenager in a debating bout would have likewise, articulated to the admiration of the audience.

As a Malaysian citizen and a former leader you cannot discount the fact one drop, that he, yes Mahathir, truly cares for the country. He is asking all the questions that patriotic and sensible citizens too have asked and keep asking, but to no avail.

And as Dr Mahathir just rebutted with wisdom, instead of answering the questions related to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder, Najib has gone to market to garner a show of popularity-support for himself.

Not only that. There are others who are pleading to “give him another chance’.  And yet there are others who are returning Dr Mahathir’s valid and reasonable questions with an artillery of all kinds of allegations framed against the former prime minister.

Now what kind of herd mentality is this?

Well, as Dr Mahathir very wisely put it across, if this is what Najib chooses to do and what his supporters have stood up for, then it also means that all of them are in unison with Najib on any and all wrongdoings of the present leadership.

And if that be so, surly the citizens who still have their sensibility, reason and pathos in place aligned to the future well-being of this beautiful nation, should stand up and demand and hold 100 percent responsible all those who are not keen in asking the same questions that Dr Mahathir and citizens demand.

Right is right. And many wrongs cannot make a single right.

People, like Dr Mahathir including the opposition politicians are wondering why it is so difficult for the prime minister to provide clear answers that can be well-appreciated by concerned citizens?

It is time for this nation of people to wake up and realise that we cannot betray this nation with singing sweet melodies of praise and lullabies without demanding transparent accountabilities.

Let us be reminded that all the laws cannot save this nation’s future. It is our conscience that affirms our legacy for the future.

Umno and BN members, please stand before God, Agong and nation and ask what your conscience is saying right now. Therein lies the truth.

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