One does not need a PhD to understand the 51-years-struggle of DAP

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University Utara Malaysia (UUM) lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff now wants to urge the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to cancel DAP’s registration as a political party.

This follows after Kamarul Zaman had lodged a false and malicious report against the Selangor speaker Hannah Yeoh, accusing her of proselytisation of Muslims with the publication of her autobiography ‘Being Hannah’.

This is most shocking, and clearly Kamarul Zaman had failed to understand why was he being critised as stupid, without quality and credibility, unqualified, narrrow-minded and extremist after his police report against Hannah Yeoh, until he had to turn to touting his academic qualification credentials in the face of the criticism against him.

Kamarul Zaman may not also realise his academic qualification credentials is not a licence for him to articulate falsehood and advocate racial hatred amongst the people of Malaysia.

DAP is a party that holds firm to the Federal Constitution. The 51-years struggle of DAP in Malaysian politics have proven it all.

One does not need a PhD, or a Bachelor of Arts with double major from Indiana University at Bloomington (IUB), or to be a Senior Achievement Award winner, to understand the 51-years-struggle of DAP for a better Malaysia. Kamarul Zaman just needs to get hold of a copy of the DAP constitution and read it through if he is reluctant to dig into the historical profiles and struggles of DAP in the archives.

Kamarul Zaman should stop downgrading himself, if he had not been one, to be the propagandists of BN-Umno, in attempting at all angles to demonise DAP as “anti-Malay” and “anti-Islam”. A true democracy allows all political parties to compete with each other on merits, but sadly though not shockingly, Kamarul Zaman had disregarded this and opted to put the nation-building at stake just for his own agenda.

WONG KAH WOH is DAP Socialist Youth national chief and atate assemblyperson for Canning.

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