No scientific proof for special creation

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In reply to the letter Islam is not a dogma, Darwinism is , I would like to first of all say that Darwinism is a scientific theory with plenty of material evidence. It is not a Western belief as the writer suggests.

The so-called scientific studies which claim to prove Darwinism false are neither scientific nor were they air-tight studies. I have said in my letter , the consensus of biologists the world over is that evolution holds.

The scientific literature is filled with evidence supporting evolution. Why read pseudo-science literature? Besides, where is the material evidence for special creation? None whatsoever - it is merely faith. So if the writer is suggesting that special creation should take the place of evolution in biology, may I ask him to provide scientific proof of special creation?

As for apostasy and Islam, my answer is clear. We respect Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights permitting the freedom to choose a religion. I ask everyone this question - of what use is the faith of someone who is forced to remain Muslim by apostasy laws?

Does Islam take pride in forcing people to remain as Muslims long after their hearts are no longer Muslim? I leave it to the readers to decide for themselves. Truth is most certainly clear from falsehood.

I would also like to reply to the letter Quran does not contradict scientific facts . Firstly, I disagree with the writer that the Quran contains 'scientific' facts to begin with. What there are, are vague verses whose 'scientific' meaning was put into them after the scientific discoveries were made.

Where were these scientific claims in the Quran before the discoveries were made? Nowhere, because Muslims did not read any scientific meaning into those vague verses. As for Darwinism, perhaps the writer ought to work harder at distinguishing between scientific literature and the pseudo-scientific folklore sponsored by certain organisations for their own agenda.

I urge the writer not to be misled by pseudo-science. The accepted and well-recognised scientific literature has provided all the necessary rebuttals to the claims of creationists. It is up to the reader to check the literature.

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