Forget about the film, what about the man?


Modified 29 Jan 2008, 10:21 am

I am quite indifferent as to whether the film 'Lelaki Kommunis Terakhir' is allowed to be screened in public.

But I do wish that the bourgeoisie who are so irked by the ban of the film will show equal interest in the desire for Chin Peng to return to his homeland. He is a Malaysian and we should look at his motivation and struggle dispassionately.

If his struggle was wrong, we can equally find those who would have no qualms in selling the country for personal gain. In the scale of wrongs, how do we go about rating this?

There has to be a closure for this. Even in South Africa, as part of ending apartheid and bringing about reconciliation, there was an agreement to give immunity to those who had committed grave atrocities.

Could we not then find in ourselves the strength and courage to let this man return? This should be of more importance to our collective conscience than arguing about the film.