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I refer to the letter Rude, rude, rude Malaysians and have to agree to the fact at what the writer expressed when he said, 'I would also say that not replying to e-mails, phone calls and letters promptly is rude.

'If that is the case, since the core of the civil service is in Kuala Lumpur, surely the capital can be marked as rude?'

I am the petition writer for the 'Cruel Killing of 13 Dogs, Shot to Death by the Malaysian (Seremban) Municipal Council' as shown here. This petition link has also been published in a few other places including at Bar Council's and the Perak Veterinary Services Department websites.

The ultimate goal for this petition is to gain government support and cooperation to implement humane education, humane law enforcement, animal legal defence and legislative improvement and changes for animal welfare.

Early last year, with more than 1,000 signatures, this petition was sent to the prime minister but there were no acknowledgment whatsoever, and neither were there any action nor any responses from them.

On Dec 20 and 24, this petition, this time with more than 2,000 signatures from all around the world with constructive feedback and comments was re-sent again twice, via e-mail and fax, both to the prime minister and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Bernard Giluk Dompok.

I have also made couple of phone calls to their office regarding this matter, but each time I called, nobody picked up the phone. I have left messages for someone to call me back but nobody called.

I wish someone would be polite and professional enough to at least send an acknowledgment e-mail, fax or return my phone calls or at least pick up the phone. My first impression was nobody really works there or takes anything that is considered not of their concern, seriously.

I have a responsibility and obligation to keep in informing and updating those who have signed the petition of its progress and that some form of reasonable action will be taken by the Malaysian government.

Today, on Jan 31, 2007, after several months of waiting, I have still yet to hear a response from them.

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