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It's perplexing to hear Malaysia needs another F1 team besides the Petronas sponsored BMW-Sauber F1 Team. Malaysia is still a developing country with limited resources for human capital and infrastructure development. The decision to inject so much ringgit into this is a very wrong priority.

The argument for promoting Malaysia to the world with another F1 team in F1 motor sport is unsound. I see much redundancy and waste of funds in having two F1 teams to carry a Malaysia logo.

The proper and cheaper way to promote Malaysia is to redesign the logo. Make Malaysia more prominent in it, instead of Petronas. All it would take would be to change the size of the fonts, with ‘Malaysia' in a bigger font size than ‘Petronas'.

The huge funds for a new F1 team could be rechanneled into research and development in many other areas. China, USA and Europe are not going to sell us any single dose of H1N1 vaccine until they have met their own domestic demand.

Malaysia's government should be spending effort on a swine flu vaccine urgently instead of pumping all the money on another F1 team.

I urge PM Najib to stick to his 1Malaysia F1 team concept instead of two Malaysian F1 teams.

Cancel the new F1 team immediately.