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Stolen jet engines: 'A case of leadership by example'
Published:  Dec 23, 2009 12:00 AM
Updated: 4:14 AM

your say 'The rot starts from the head. Once bad examples have been set by top leaders, the subordinates take the cue and the rot spreads like cancer. Where is the credibility of what the PM says?'

Missing jet engine: PM promises no cover-up

Karma: No cover-up? The crime was discovered in May 2008 and the report was lodged on Aug 4, 2008 - after three months. Now the public gets to know after a year plus, yet there is no prosecution so far. What are you trying to fool the public for? What took them so long?

Trying to gather more evidence or to destroy them? Hey! It is two times RM50 million now, not one. Why send in only the police? Didn't you smell something fishy? The MACC should poke its finger in too. Who is powerful enough to steal RM100 million worth of jet engines?

I heard that in order to steal water, you need someone inside to turn off the big pipe before you can connect the smaller ones illegally. Don't just check on jet engines. There are stories of national car engines being stolen or changed illegally by 'someone inside'.

Do we think only two jet engines were stolen? In Malaysia, big crimes are only for their ‘discovery value'. Small ones are for MACC to sink their teeth into like a small allocation of RM2,400 to help the poor in some ‘kampung'.

Jbss: Leadership by example. The rot starts from the head. Once bad examples have been set by top leaders, the subordinates take the cue and the rot spreads like cancer. Where is the credibility of what you (the PM) says? Malaysia boleh.

Habib RAK: Under the Umno/BN ruling guidelines, when you mess up, you get promoted. Just like Najib Abdul Razak from defence minister/deputy prime minister to finance minister/prime minister, the inspector-general of police gets retained, etc.

And guess what? The chief of the air force gets promoted to be the chief of the armed forces. The fact that the jet engines went missing under his watch is overlooked. Now all of them act like they didn't know about this and are making statements that insult the rakyat.

Brainless: It reminds me of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, but this one for real. No wonder our beloved country has not progressed. We have thieves, robbers and felons in the highest government offices.

My dear fellow Malaysians, please vote using your heads instead of emotion. Vote for change to save our country for our future generations. Who knows, we might all go missing.

Lim Chong Leong: If two tonnes of jet engine can go missing, how many grenades, M16, bullets, etc, have also gone missing? Is this why the West thinks we support Muslim militants?

And why has no person been charged? It has been two years and this is a serious crime. It seems that these Umno goons are protecting each another.

SusahKes: In the movie ‘The Usual Suspects', the story ends with a statement, 'The greatest trick the devil played was to make the world believe he doesn't exist'. I'll re-phrase that in our Malaysian context:

‘The greatest trick Najib is playing is to make Malaysians believe that he means what he says.'

'What else will go missing? The country?'

Rocky: Let's face it, the BN government is there to rip off the money of the taxpayers. And everyone is in the scheme, ‘you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'. And those supposed to uphold the law like the judiciary, the Attorney-General's Chambers, the MACC, the police and even the army are all together in this daylight robbery.

In other countries, the law will be there to punish them and the public will demand their resignations. But here, under the guise of the NEP, ‘Ketuanan Melayu' and by using a ‘divide and rule' policy, they have been able to blind some of the Malaysians from the truth.

Now you know why they would like to control the Internet and need good spin doctors. Some even say ‘do not ponder the past, let's move forward'. Well, take that with a big spoon of salt because we must remember the past and punish the guilty. If not, these schemes will continue to go on even if they swear by the Quran.

Wake up Malaysians, time to make a bigger change. If not, we the rakyat will get swindled. We need a honest government who is willing to build this nation instead of one that wants to build only their own personal wealth and also cause racial problems among Malaysians.

Mythots: Looks like more skeletons are coming out of the BN's closet. I'm wondering why didn't the Auditor-General's report indicate this loss in their audit? There's going be more exposes coming I'm sure. Fifty years of dirt. Let's see how our government has been behaving.

PureMalaysian: I think Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's ‘feng shui' and luck have not been very good so far ever since he became the PM. Mahathir, reigning for more than two decades, harvested billions of the rakyat's money and yet nothing happened to him.

But Najib, less than a year of being PM, already has full of conspiracies and problems surrounding him - Altantuya, PI Bala, RPK, missing jet engines, etc. All haunting him.