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RM2 mil man: 'Go for the boss, not just his aide'

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vox populi big thumbnail 'MACC should go for the boss and not him. How could he be the middle-man between projects when he has no power to approve them.'


Nor Mohamed Yakcop's political sec resigns

Avatar: It looks like Hasbie Satar undercut his boss on the commissions and is paying the price now. MACC should go for the boss and not him. How could he be the middle-man between projects when he has no power to approve them. It's common sense he is the middle-man for his boss.

Gibran: Since when was Umno bothered about corruption of its own members. They have all looted the country dry and all of them have got away with it. Whoever this political secretary is, he is also going to get away with it. It is not in Umno/BN interest to eradicate corruption. They will simply enhance it further.

Azmil Tayeb: Congratulations, MACC! Please, don't stop here. Keep going higher, for the sharks of Umno, MCA and MIC. Give the ikan bilis (small fish) a rest to recover from their fear.

MACC should reopen investigation of Rafidah Aziz now that TDM (Tun Mahathir Mohamad) is out of office. Also start the 18 high-profile cases mentioned by Rais Yatim.

Eugene : When this news about RM2 million stash came out in The Star a couple of days ago, no where in the article was it mentioned who this political secretary is. As much as I suspected, it turns out to be some Umno fellow. If it's a Pakatan member, his name will be all over the front page.

Tan Kian Khim: Only RM2 million? That's peanuts. Can't even buy Mohd Khir Toyo's undervalued mansion. Come on, Hasbie, you're underperforming. How are you going to keep up with the other Umno-BN fellows?

Freemsia: Will they ever investigate Nor Mohamed Yakcop too? Of course not. Nor Mohamed is a big fish. Hasbie Satar is a small fry. MACC have no power to go after the big fish.

Mano: Another sandiwara? Or is this guy on the wrong side of his party's politics?

Guan Eng's grace under pressure

Green Penang: Lim Guan Eng & Co, keep walking the straight and narrow path. Penang voters are with you.

As for you, Zahrain Mohd Hashim, don't bother to stand for the next election if you don't want to lose your deposit. Maybe Bayan Baru voters should hang their old shoes on your front gate to let you know just how "popular" you are.

Bosco Philip Anthony: The Turkish poet Rumi wrote: ‘All day I think about it, then at night I say it. Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there.'

We, the voting populace, know what all of you are doing and you and your team should continue with your service to the people and pay little notice to the distractions of your rivals and continue with your policies. We are with Pakatan and thank you for your leadership. Have a blessed New Year.

Charles Chia: It's there, everybody can see it. The Paktan coalition is very much alive and well.

The mainstream media's bleak picture of them is actually the work of Umno employing the full force of its propaganda machine against Pakatan using its ill-gotten war chest to wreak havoc, but it will definitely backfire on them.

Just wait for the next general election. These are signs of a dying and fading Umno desperately fighting its last efforts at survival. Lets buried Umno-led BN in the next general election.

Black Mamba: The rest of PKR and PAS don't feel, think or act like Zahrain. He should resign and let the next Malay PKR leader take over through an open election where Zahrain can stand as an independent. Let Bayan Baru voters test his popularity. I am sure he will lose his deposit.

Anti-Ong, Chua banners appear at MCA open house

RT: The presence of Liow Tiong Lai and Chew Mei Fun together with some of the other members of the Liow faction at the MCA Chinese New Year open house shows that the justification for 'boycott' which was advanced by Liow, no longer exists.

On the basis of the numerous various flip-flop of Liow's previous statements, there is no longer any reasonable excuse for the continuation of the call for 'boycott'.

The time for talking has arrived and whoever still makes excuses does not really wish to talk to move MCA forward, and this is a betrayal to MCA members and the Chinese community.

My plea to Liow and his band of renegades is to walk through the open door of party president Ong Tee Keat, take your place at the negotiating table, where everybody's political viewpoints will be tested against their realism, their workability and their fairness. The time for negotiations has arrived.

Ong: On Feb 4, 2010, Liow Tiong Lai posted a with the heading ‘Boycott will not be reviewed, says Liow' on Bernama report his own website .

This Bernama report began with a statement saying, "The decision of the MCA Integrity Restoring Task Force (MIRT) to boycott party functions and events will only be reviewed when the party leadership comes up with a time-table on the next presidential election."

Liow Tiong Lai heads the task force (MIRT). There was no denial of the truth and accuracy of the contents of this Bernama report which means that Liow confirms the accuracy of its contents.

So far, MCA has not set a time-table for the next presidential election. How pathetic! He and members of MIRT cannot even understand their own decision, which was made only two weeks ago.

Karma: PM Najib Abdul Razak and DPM Muhyiddin Yassin are in denial over the state of BN. The problems in the second largest BN component member, MCA, is no where at their end. They can pretend to be nice and smiling during the open houses, but the infighting is destroying Chinese votes.

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