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Mahathir a 'creation' of the US?

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was reported to have said that if PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim was loyal to Jewish groups , he could not be loyal to his own country ( Bernama , 12 July 2010).

On the basis of the same logic, a certain Mahathir himself has been disloyal to Malaysia, since he engaged Salmon Smith Barney (a Jewish-owned firm) as his financial advisor during the currency crisis.

He also engaged Goldman Sach (yet another Jewish-owned firm) for other tasks.

Mahathir’s son, Mirzan, worked for Salomon Brothers (and another).

Mahathir reconciled with George Soros, a Jew he once despised, when Soros visited Malaysia a few years ago and openly declared (for reasons which are still a mystery) that Soros was not  responsible for Malaysia’s financial crisis.

Jack Abramaoff, a Jew, arranged a meeting between Mahathir and former US president George W Bush after Mahathir’s government paid US$1.2m to the Heritage Foundation that was managed by Abramaoff.

These are just some of the instances of Mahathir-Jewish partnerships.

So who is the good friend of the Jews? Mahathir or Anwar?

Perhaps Mahathir is again suffering from his (convenient) mental lapses that he experienced during the VK Lingam enquiry (when he said that could not remember basic details) and has forgotten his partnerships and links with Jewish firms and individuals.

Mahathir has also frequently  labeled Anwar as a US lackey.

Recently, Information Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim alleged Anwar to be a CIA agent on the basis of a trashy Utusan Malaysia report.

Yes, Anwar has worked in US universities and has good friends in the US. Some prominent people from the US spoke up for him during the first sodomy trial, and they are speaking up again during Sodomy II. Anwar does not lash out at the US like Mahathir has. Does that make Anwar a US lackey or a CIA agent?

Similarly, as blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin asked recently, who is the US agent - Anwar or PM Najib Abdul Razak?

In his address to the Heritage Foundation on May 3, 2002, the then-defence minister provided full details about Malaysia’s covert arrangements with the US in defence matters. This has also been mentioned by Barry Wain in his book ‘Malaysian Maverick’.


Looking at what had transpired between the US and Malaysia, especially in defence and economic matters, during Mahathir’s rule, one cannot but conclude that Mahathir had made Malaysia a vassal state of the US, a state which depended on the US for its progress as well as survival.

Malaysia under Mahathir provided US the most support in terms of defence in Southeast Asia. Malaysia’s economy was also most dependent on the US, with the US emerging as the Number 1 export market and investor for Malaysia.

Can such a close bondage in two of the most critical areas be possible if the relationship between Malaysia and the US was adversarial as made out to be by Mahathir?

Can a nation like Malaysia afford to be against another nation like the US when it depends on the latter for its economic survival and security?

Only a fool would believe it to be otherwise.

Mahathir made a fool of Malaysians by acting and pretending that he was anti-US, yet all the while serving as their lackey. Malaysians thought that Mahathir was brave and spoke out against the US.

Many Third World countries and Islamic nations, too, bought Mahathir’s Oscar-winning acting and proclaimed him as the spokesman of the Third World and Islamic nations.

Little did they realize that Mahathir was allowed to make all those anti-US statements so that he could deceive them while serving as a US stooge.

As Martin Jalleh wrote in Malaysia Today earlier this year, Mahathir is a creation of the US, but only a few people took note of this article. The article provided sound arguments to expose the real Mahathir, a hypocrite who would stop at nothing to satisfy his fathomless greed for power, wealth and fame.

Just think for a minute. Can Mahathir make all those caustic statements about the US and get away with it unless the CIA had allowed him to do so?

As Mahathir contends, if the US can produce Avatar , they can even stage the 9/11 terrorist attacks, right?