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Nurul's challenge: Perkasa chief running scared
Published:  Sep 3, 2010 11:52 PM
Updated: Sep 4, 2010 8:02 AM

your say 'He is not only ignorant but a coward as well by avoiding a straight-forward challenge from a very young but bright lady on the issue he has been harping on.'


Ibrahim Ali closes the doors to 'ijtihad'

Anonymous: What do we expect of this racist rabble-rouser who is light years behind Nurul Izzah Anwar in intellect (that is, if he has any). So the most easy way out is to hide behind the 'constitution'.

Why is he creating so much ruckus about non-Malays displacing the ‘ketuanan Melayus'? The non-Malays are only asking for a place in the Malaysian sun and are not interested in special privileges and rights currently abused by the Umnoputras.

Ksn: Ibrahim Ali, if he reads this article, will not understand what the writer is saying. He does not have the intellect. He also does not have the conviction and understanding of what he is fighting for, let alone the constitution.

He is not only ignorant but a coward as well by avoiding a straight-forward challenge from a very young but bright lady on the issue he has been harping on. He is already a laughing stock in the eyes of sober people, Malays included. Imagine how silly he will look if he debates with Nurul.

But I have one question and if somebody can explain it I will be grateful. We all know that he talks nonsense but how come he has followers in the thousands as he claims, including someone who was our PM for donkey's years? Is it the fanaticism that attracts people to his club?

CPL: "Closing of gates to ijtihad" does not mean that there is no intellectual activity. Current thesis/studies show that activity like interpretations of Islamic sources of law are alive but judiciously ascribed to the traditionally accepted schools for fear of persecution by the ‘syariah police' then. Thus, no new schools were established.

JBGUY: I totally agree there needs to be a discourse about our constitution and the need to amend it in line with the universal acceptance of equality, fair play and justice. If an African- American can become president of the USA, the mightiest country, Malaysia should accept the fact that the PM should be chosen based on competency and integrity, and not race or religion.

There needs to be a major paradigm shift in the way Malaysians think and act, let's forget our differences and harness our energies towards making this country into the wonderful country that it rightfully deserves to be. Let's not just see ourselves as Malays, Chinese, Indians or Others but see ourselves as Malaysians.

People like Ibrahim Ali are unscrupulous politicians and if he is a true Muslim, he will be fighting for fairness and equality for all. The Quran does not allow for discrimination in any form.

Swipenter: Ibrahim Ali doesn't understand the constitution. To debate with Nurul Izzah is to display his ignorance, his puny intellect and his little fossilised worldview of things for all to see. Is he going to debate with his "shit, shit and shit" style? He is just a coward underneath all the outward bravado he displays.

Lim Cheng Inn: Ibrahim Ali is none other than a loudspeaker who is contented to shoot his mouth as and when he fancies. He knows too well he has nowhere to hide having to face a young woman of substance like Nurul on stage for a debate. By then, he can't run and can't hide, so he has to hide behind his fat excuses. Simple as that.

Moontime: The real reason behind Ibrahim Ali's refusal to take up the challenge is actually he's afraid of losing face to Nurul Izzah - an educated, articulate, mature and rational politician who is in touch with her grassroots with no "udang sebalik batu".

Championing Malay rights when they are already protected by the constitution is in itself an exercise in futility. You, Ibrahim Ali, are pathetic. Most Malays who supported your cause belong to the older generation who still dreamed of the past glory of the Malays.

I can see right through your intention. You're doing this for your own selfish political survival and desperate effort to remain relevant in this fast changing political landscape. Do you know that the more trash you spew about Malay rights, the more non-Malays will support Pakatan Rakyat?

Carry on digging your own grave, or as they say in Malay, "Biarkan si Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya."

Pemerhati: Ibrahim Ali knows he is bluffing to fool the Malays. He will not engage in a debate and have his bluff called.

Azmi Sharom wrote in the Star , "Affirmative action is not a Malay right. Article 153 does not endow a right. What it does is to merely give government the power to take affirmative action despite the overarching ideal of equality which is enshrined in Article 8 of the constitution. Article 8 clearly states that all citizens in this country are equal except for situations specifically provided for in the constitution.

"Those ‘specific provisions' are found in Article 153. They include the power to establish quotas for the civil service, permits and licences, scholarships and education. Therefore anything other than these areas should not be subjected to affirmative action. Furthermore, any affirmative action has to be reasonable. The idea of what is reasonable must be open to research and debate otherwise there will always be the risk of abuse and wastage."

Kgen: What Nurul wanted to debate is what the constitution says. But the village idiot Ibrahim Ali has refused to debate by throwing out his insipid excuse, "the constitution says so". This is a cop out - hiding behind a constitution he does not know how to read and understand.

BTN: Ibrahim is a coward. Nurul is like Faekah Husin , an iron lady in the making and both of them being Muslim in this country will make Malaysia proud as there seems to be lack of such ladies in this area. Let's not talk about those in Umno as there tend to be a stigma when we associate them together.

Aramsa: Ibrahim Ali is like the ancient feudal system of the species we call ‘eunuch'. They only bark what the emperor/king told them to do. When you ask for reason and rationale, they can only say the emperor/king say so. In the Malaysia/Perkasa context, he will say the constitution says so.

Who is the emperor/king behind him pulling the string for him to bark, this you and I know. Ibrahim Ali, you are just an eunuch in the eyes of many. No power, but make a lot of hollow noises from behind someone.

Changeagent: Eh Ibrahim, cakap aje banyak. Tapi bila nak debate, perempuan pun takut! Bola sudah kecut ke? I cakap BM sebab you tak faham Inggeris.


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