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Whatever happened to the Indian postman?

The Indians are in a dilemma, especially the thousands of Indian youth who don’t excel in their PMR or SPM examinations.

Who ever bothers to give these thousands of under-performers any jobs? And please remember that the government and the GLCs should be doing a great deal in this matter. But are they?  

I have never seen an Indian postman employed by Pos Malaysia for the last 20 or more years. I have never seen an Indian youth sitting in the Plus toll booths.  

In Seremban, I have never seen an Indian clerk at the post offices. The list goes on an on.  

Is it that these Indian youths are not capable of performing well in these jobs? Or is it just plain marginalisation of the Indian youth?

If the government and GLCs are willing to give these not-so-highly-qualified Indian youths an opportunity to work under their umbrella, I'm sure Indian involvement in crime etc, will be greatly reduced.