Porn show okay, but not Anwar's ceramah

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your say 'Why should any speaker be allocated time by the police? I find this restriction absurd. Does the PM and other ministers also get restricted like this?'

Anwar's ceramah disrupted by FRU, 3 arrested

Habib RAK: The gathering was peaceful and the large crowd was listening to the explanation given by PKR leaders Azmin Ali and Anwar Ibrahim. Suddenly this changed when the police rudely stormed in to stop Anwar from speaking further.

The police instigated the chaos and angered the crowd. Even my polite enquiry to the police as to why they were raiding the ceramah venue was rudely dismissed, and I was ordered to leave immediately.

Nicholas Lim: In the first place, why did the police seal the many roads leading to the area, when in fact these are public roads? Not a road block, I mean totally blocked. Plus they randomly harassed people to show their IC while they were taking a walk in Melawati town.

This event could have gone on peacefully but as usual the heavy-handed police approach only made matters worse.

The thing that is ringing in my mind is why the police did not take similar actions against various pro-Umno/anti-Pakatan Rakyat gatherings including the infamous cow-head incident, and the demonstrations organised against the Penang and Selangor state governments, etc.

Anonymous_4135: I do not condone violence but what PRK supporters did last night, I believe, shows the people's sentiments. Enough of being bullied. Enough of being victimised, enough of these underhand tactics, and more than anything, they have had enough of this government.

It is not the fault of the police or FRU personnel on the ground. The blame should go to the leaders who ordered them to disrupt the ceramah.

Geronimo: Umno is pushing their luck a little too far and when push comes to shove, this is how people will react. For all you know, Gombak could have been the starting point of a people's revolt.

Dev: It's amazing how the government is so afraid of one man. And PDRM, shame on you. Porn show in public, you do nothing about it, but a single man speaking more than 15 minutes is considered a national safety hazard.

To all supporters of DSAI who were there, hats off to you. You are brave men, all of you. and mark my word, one day justice will be served.

Malaysiawatch4.blogspot: Why should any speaker be allocated time by the police? I find this restriction absurd. Does the PM and other ministers also get restricted like this?

Much ado over a sex video few have seen

Kgen: If someone has an authentic tape of Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a prostitute and is intend on political blackmail, he would have undoubtedly sent a copy to Anwar with the appropriate threats and not show it to the media.

The way it is being done show that these Umno goons have nothing and are only out to blacken Anwar's name. As for a RCI (royal commission of inquiry), they know it will never be set up.

As for Zaid Ibrahim, he speaks and sounds like an Umno man, to throw a red herring by calling for foreign investigation. It's not a question of whether the tape was tampered with but whether the person in the video is Anwar, and foreigners are useless in this regard.

I'm ashamed to have supported Zaid previously. Those in the PKR inner circle warned me about him but I chose to disbelieve them. Now I see that they are right. He paints himself as a liberal but is an Umno man inside. One day, we will see him return to Umno. Just wait for it.

Ben_403f: When Zaid left Umno for PKR, I had wondered whether he was really a person of integrity and righteousness. My mates used to argue with me over him. Now I am vindicated as it has proven that Zaid was actually a Trojan horse tasked by Umno/BN to break up Pakatan Rakyat from within.

As for the three Datuk Ts, it was so silly of them to have wasted so much effort to "trap" Anwar. They could have called the religious department immediately and Anwar would be caught red-handed.

Anonymous_3f1f: Zaid asked why all PKR members and MPs protect DSAI when they have not even seen the video. I would like to ask Zaid, what will he do if he is still in PKR? He will sing the same tune like the others in PKR. That is only normal.

Go asked those in Umno and your own party if anyone is allegedly caught with their pants down, what would be their first reaction.

Rahim, Eskay both deny arrest

Onyourtoes: See how they created confusion: arrested; no, not arrested, Kak Wan (Azizah Wan Ismail) wanted to watch the tape; no, Kak Wan did not want to watch. The tape is authentic; no, the tape is not authentic.

Now the PM is talking about a sin was committed . Do we care? No, I don't care. The country's leaders are already behaving and living like we have no law, so why talk about sins?

I doubt very much we fear punishment after life when we have no fear of immediate punishment by men. We are a hypocrite nation - a nation filled with religiosity, but with depraved and evil hearts.

Sentinel: When the police arrested Anwar for alleged sodomy, they sent in the commandos in balaclava and sub-machine guns with the media in tow. That tells you the double standards they practise in Bolehland. And I am supposed to pay my taxes before April 30.

Docs: Rahim and Eskay are Umno boys. Umno is above the law. How can they be arrested? Maybe the police called them in under the pretext for questioning, fed them some nasi lemak and teh tarik, and let them off to give the impression that the police were actually doing some work.

Louis: What is the police doing? Those three porno-managers should have been jailed long ago. Let me ask the police: if the porno-managers happened to be from DAP, PAS and PKR and the actor in the film was a top Umno leader, would the three opposition porno-managers be arrested right away?

'Eskay sore with Anwar over crooked bridge'

Truth: The important issue now is, is Anwar the man in the video? The rest are irrelevant. Even if Eskay is furious with Anwar, if the video is genuine, Eskay - though for his self-interest - would have saved the people of Malaysia from a sex maniac.

Abil: Anwar was out of the government way back in 1998. The bridge project was the brainchild of PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and was stalled by the former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Anyway, RM20 million commission for doing nothing has become a norm in government projects that prides in transparency and accountability.

Pakman: Will the outspoken mufti from Perak make a stand on this sex video? Is it Islamic to resort to such manner that will be shameful to the character of a person and his family?

Your knowledgeable insight on this issue is most welcome as a large number of Malay Muslims are confused.

Black Mamba: More dirt floating up. The more they stir, the more truth will emerge together with the falsehood. What did the holy book teaches us? Thou shall not bear false witness.


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