Ms Tow Truck epitomises MCA's arrogance

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YOURSAY 'My hypothesis and greatest fear is that for all our criticism, MCA will never want to change. We are just wasting our time.'

Stop harassing Jessie Ooi, says MCA

your say Anonimous Z: Ms Tow Truck thought she was pleasing her MCA president and to attract his attention by ridiculing and belittling LGE (Lim Guan Eng) and DAP.

Unfortunately, she was too stupid to realise that not only she made a clown of herself and the party she represented but also she was actually ridiculing and undermining millions of audiences sitting in front of TV.

A timely public apology from her would have defused the situation. Instead, and as typical characteristic of the egoistic and arrogant MCA, she adamantly preferred to create more lies, trying to cover her earlier lies and false allegations.

Gobbie: Sigh. My hypothesis and greatest fear is that for all our criticism, MCA will never want to change. We are just wasting our time.

The reason is because MCA no longer wants to win over Chinese support (which is never there anyway). They realised long ago they are fighting a losing battle trying to win Chinese Malaysian support.

They have already surrendered their values and dignity and the only way to survive politically is to play up to Umnoputras. They are more than prepared to sell not only themselves but the Chinese community as well.

This way the Umnoputras will still see some ‘value' in MCA and will continue to influence the Malays to vote for them - their only mode of survival.

A part of me is disgusted with MCA, but a bigger part of me is crying to see my fellow Chinese Malaysians stoop to such levels just to survive politically.

Myop101: Jessie Ooi, you did what you did and you know you had your five minutes of air time. Being poorly prepared is a poor excuse for appearing like an incoherent idiot.

As for MCA talking big about governance, what has MCA to offer as a matter of policy to improve the governance of this country? MCA only knows how to harp on Islamic state. But how are they addressing corruption, cronyism and abuse of power?

At least, even though it might sound outlandish, perhaps the Islamic state is one of the better solutions available to seriously stop these criminals who go scot free.

I am tired of listening to a party that continue to harp on fear instead of inspiring others how this nation can move forward. Doesn't MCA get that? We want leadership.

Onyourtoes: All these are just a farce: we have a half-baked politician wannabe making an insignificant comment; the people and even the municipal councillors reacting disproportionately and making almost irrational reactions as if their lives depend on it; and of course now, we have media including online media devoting and focusing on this nincompoop issue non-stop as if the whole survival of this nation depends on it.

I have long realised it is not difficult for corrupt, incompetent and stupid politicians to govern this country because the people are essentially nincompoop. We get excited on non-significant issues, while the more important ones are left attended.

Just compare the number of comments on news items that carried more complicated but important issues with those that are gossips and no-brainer issues, and you will know what I meant.

Maybe the strategist consultants Umno-BN engaged have finally "broke the code" of the people. What they need to do now is get more people like Ms Equality and now Ms Tow Track to do the distraction.

You know, I even want to think perhaps the Pakatan Rakyat municipal councillors and supporters are also unwittingly drawn into the game. Why the almost spontaneous reaction of the councillors as if the municipals are beyond criticism?

And now why the response of the whole MCA hierarchy to defend this insignificant party apparatus. You don't get to find MCA officials defending their president or deputy president the way they defend this Ms Tow Track.

Bob Teoh: Can we please put a stop to this unfortunate episode? What if it were you who made such a mistake and being abused non-stop on the Internet. Let's move on to things that make a difference. By the way, I am not an MCA member but PKR.

ONG: Bob Teoh, I feel that you made two wrong assumptions when you said, "What if it were you who made such a mistake."

Assumption 1: Jessie Ooi made a mistake. So far neither Ooi nor MCA has admitted that her uncouth behaviour was a mistake.

Assumption 2: The rest of us may also make the same 'mistake'. I find it extremely unlikely that others can emulate Jessie Ooi's unique performance.

Her question to LGE was presented in the form of an outright attack from the word go. She went into a lunatic frenzy without any provocation from LGE.

However, I agree with you that we should move on to more important issues. But how to move on from this rather petty issue when Wanita MCA Beliawanis chief Tee Hooi Ling and MCA Youth secretary-general Chai Kim Sen will not let the people move on?

They are renewing the provocation started by Ooi last weekend. Tee described critics behaviour as "uncouth" when it was Ooi who was uncouth, while Chai made irrelevant and unconnected statements in Ooi's defence.

Jessie Ooi should learn to live with her self-inflicted wounds instead of complaining about them. The more important question is whether she has learned anything useful from her uncouth behaviour.

Instead of complaining about other's "uncouth behaviour", I suggest MCA persuade Ooi to make a sincere apology instead of making silly excuses for her behaviour. After that, maybe the public will allow her to move on.

Ooi, it's best to apologise and get it over with


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