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EC deputy chief doesn't know meaning of 'apolitical'
Published:  Sep 19, 2012 8:17 AM
Updated: 4:21 AM

FREE YOURSAY 'Acts of disrespect against BN are unconstitutional, but similar acts against the opposition are okay?'

EC: Photo stomping heinous, unconstitutional

your say Anonymous_rb345: Election Commission deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar talks like a politician and acts like one. He plays politics and behaves like the EC is one of the political parties contesting in the coming general election.

By the way, have you registered your ‘party' yet for the coming polls?

Ferdtan: Wan Ahmad is supposed to be a neutral referee, but when he is sucking up to the PM with his statement, which is not related to his work as an EC official, he has shown what we knew all along, that he is biased.

To mitigate the cheating in the voting process, we call upon all, even those who are overseas, if possible, to come back to vote. Every vote counts. This coming GE13 will be the watershed in the history of Malaysia.

Dont Just Talk: Wan Ahmad, when is it the role of the EC to comment on the disrespect shown in the stomping of PM Najib Razak's photograph?

What about peeing on the photographs of Kelantan MB Nik Aziz Nik Mat or holding a mock funeral in front of the Penang CM's residence, not to mention the burning of Lim Guan Eng's photograph?

Deadwood like you do not know the meaning of ‘apolitical' but yet hold the post of EC deputy chairperson.

Do Malaysians a favour, balik tidur, jangan buka mulut (go sleep, don't speak) until you know the meaning of ‘apolitical'.

Yap CS: First of all, this has nothing to do with elections - yet. So why is the EC deputy chief frothing in the mouth on this issue?

Secondly, on a completely different matter, Wan Ahmad should be voted Sycophant of the Month.

Anonymous #05023297: Photo stomping is unconstitutional? This guy really knows his stuff. No wonder we are the best democracy money can buy.

Artchan: The EC chief should be apolitical, and if you want to make a political statement, join Umno. I am sure there will be a seat for you.

Kbe: Having a highly suspect and contaminated electoral roll is constitutional?

Gerard Lourdesamy: Go and jump off a bridge, Wan Ahmad. In any mature democracy, the people have the right to burn the flag (as confirmed by the US Supreme Court), fly any flag that they wish (for example, the Confederacy flag is still flown in the southern states of the United States), burn, step on, deface, destroy or even defecate or urinate on pictures of national and religious leaders but that is not deemed unconstitutional or undemocratic conduct.

It may be distasteful and amount to an offence of breach of the peace or indecent or offensive behaviour in public but it will not attract the kind of mass hysteria that we are seeing from the establishment here over the incidents at the Janji Demokrasi gathering.

Why was Wan Ahmad silent when Pakatan leaders and Bersih chair Ambiga Sreenevasan were treated in a similar fashion by pro-Umno/BN mobs?

Just because a leader is elected by democratic means does not mean that he or she is entitled to blind respect and loyalty. Leaders are servants of the people.

Tan Kim Keong: Wan Ahmad, why are you not speaking out against such heinous acts on pictures of PAS, DAP and Gerakan political leaders being stomp, torn, burnt and urinated on? And what about the actions of the army veterans at S Ambiga's house?

It just shows how bias and skewed your values are. It's better that you remain silent so as not to further expose your infamous partiality.

Ksn: What has the EC got to do with the photo stomping? Is it any of its business? Instead, it should clean up the electoral roll and conducting clean and fair elections.

Mind your own business, instead of poking your nose where it is not wanted.

Tan Kim Keong: Wan Ahmad, are you just naive or sucking up to those in power?

Organisers and leaders of opposition parties have already condemned such acts. They publicly and categorically said they do not condone them at all.

And here you are accusing them of hiding their hands after throwing stones. I supposed you just want to read and hear what you want to read and hear.

And by the way, as to how a leader is seen to be good or not is really up to the citizens. Do you know the definition of what a leader is? Please check the dictionary.

1Malaysian: Yet another boot-licking clown decides to line up behind the corrupt regime. Perhaps he is looking for a handout.

Doesn't he realise that no one really cares about how he "feels"? What has this event got to do with the EC?

It's amazing that they have managed to find another person to represent the EC who is as idiotic as the previous clown.

Quigonbond: You know, it's not Wan Ahmad's fault. It's in his DNA to crap support for the ruling coalition. That's why he got picked in the first place.

Instead of seething about his senseless remarks about democracy and Rukunegara, let's just vote out an ultra personality cult coalition and vote in an inclusive, caring government for a change.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Here we go again, the great deputy chairperson of the EC says nothing about other acts of disrespect on the opposition. Where is it in the constitution that stomping on photos is wrong?

The leaders have to earn the respect of the people of today. No more blind allegiance.

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