PAS, to each his own on religion and hudud

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YOURSAY 'PAS, if you want to be in Putrajaya, then talk and debate about what is close to the hearts of all the rakyat of Malaysia.'

Hudud will create more jobs, PAS tells Chua

your say suara kami Anonymous_3f4b: Hudud will not create more jobs. On this score, I have to agree with MCA chief Chua Soi Lek. Give me an example of an Islamic country that practises hudud and is successful, prosperous and at peace with its people and the world. I can think of none.

Instead, the people in these countries try to get out at the earliest available opportunity and head for the more developed and secular countries such as United States, UK, Canada, Australia and the like.

No one in the world will migrate to countries that practise hudud and this will mean no foreign direct investment and employment opportunities, leading to loss of jobs, chaos, instability and sectarian violence, which is evident in parts of the Islamic world.

Onyourtoes: Well, PAS Ulama chief Harun Din, never mind about Chua's attacks and innuendoes, but we still expect you to engage in a meaningful response. Your sarcasm is contemptuous of the people of this country, particularly the non-Muslims.

We need clear articulations, not vague posturing. I know hudud is one of the obligations of the Muslims. But can we have a referendum among the Muslims in this country whether or not they really want hudud?

You ulama are not god, so don't assume you know everything. Yet you are controlling the thinking and agenda of this country. Why must you talk everyday about stuff that has no relevance to the lives of the people?

I read somewhere and I want to repeat it here so that we can all debate about it. Many Muslims are not happy in so-called Muslim countries - you can name them, from Afghanistan, Somalia, Palestine, Egypt to Sudan.

But then they want to destroy the system of those countries where Muslims are generally happy and where many from the Muslim countries would try to get into at the first opportunity they have - Australia, US (the so-called Satanic country), Norway, UK, Sweden and you name it. Why?

Ahmad4: Onyourtoes, we need not just a referendum for Muslims only, but a referendum for all citizens in Malaysia as the outcome will affect everybody and might bring down the country to the same backward level and endless problems as the countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

I cannot imagine that anybody seriously wants that. Many countries have learnt the lesson that it is better not to mix politics and religion.

Timothy: Forecasts point to an economic slowdown in the next quarter. The cost of essential foods and items are increasing. The cost of children's education is increasing. We fear for our children and our safety when we walk the streets. Even our home is not a safe place.

Parents want English for their children's education, except for some under the 'tempurung'. Thousands born here are without MyKads. The rich become dirt rich (through all means), while the poor and marginalised become dirt poor. And so on.

PAS, if you want to be in Putrajaya, then talk and debate about what is close to the hears of all the rakyat of Malaysia.

Kadaram: Hudud will put our multi-religious nation off balance. Even with syariah laws, there are lots of issues between Muslims and non-Muslims that have not been settled, especially on body snatching, etc.

Please do a detailed study and have open forums involving all segments of society before implementing it.

Wira: There are many people on this earth whose only job is to stay relevant by claiming to hear from God. As long as they don't encroach on my personal freedom and beliefs, they don't bother me.

I may even join hands with them to fight the evil and the corrupt, because I love my country and my brothers.

If you don't drink alcohol nor gamble, good for you and your health, but you have no right to deprive me of those. I vow to fight you if you do.

Odin: I agree with Wira. I enjoy alcohol, Mark that, please - ‘enjoy' and not ‘abuse'. Specifically, the types of alcohol I enjoy are wine and extra old brandy. I sip, not guzzle, them. And I consume a glass or two. That is all.

I consume them to savour their taste, not to get tipsy and never mind drunk. I have no wish to be deprived of the pleasure, especially not when in acquiring it I do absolutely no harm to anyone.

Incidentally, it has been confirmed by various qualified parties that when consumed in moderation, alcohol actually has medicinal value.

Blind Freddo: You guys obviously have zero understanding of corruption if you think that Pakatan Rakyat with all the self-righteousness of PAS and its religious laws will have any effect on corruption.

The vast majority of Malaysians have an unhealthy relationship with honesty, add that to an obsession with money and you are getting somewhere near the real cause.

Remember for every case of corruption, you need a corruptor and a corruptee and a lack of ethics in both parties.

Anj2208: Yes, voting for Pakatan doesn't guarantee that there will be no corruption. Corruption stems from greed for money. Even in the country that topped the list of least corrupted, corruption is not unheard of.

You have a choice to vote either for BN or Pakatan. Which party has the political will to fight corruption? My choice is clear. What about yours?

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