Media alone can't help a crooked politician to win

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VOXPOP ‘Printing and publishing licences are not given other than to Umno Baru stooges. So which MSM is Zainuddin referring to?'

Zam: Mainstream media disunity cost BN in last GE

vox populi small thumbnail Onyourtoes: Former information minister Zainuddin Maidin, I don't think you understand what journalism ethics are. Disunity among the media is not an ethical issue.

The only ethics I know of is that the media must carry the unbiased truth. Is Zainuddin saying they mustn't contradict one another even though the news concerned is a concoction or a lie?

Hang Babeuf: In other words, according to this loyal servant and word-warrior, the Umno-BN government in 2008 had no problems whatsoever with changing Malaysian socio-political reality (which it does not in the end control).

All its problems, Zainuddin (Zam) would like to think, were simply in its apparatus for the control and management of popular perceptions of that reality.

And, there, within their own ranks, there were traitors. It was all their fault. Nothing else went wrong, nothing else needs to be fixed or changed.

This is the kind of thinking (a combination of delusion and denial) that turns ordinary defeat into rout, a wholesale disaster. If they go on thinking like this, then so far as their 2013 hopes are concerned the game is already lost.

Ksn: From what the people know, all the mainstream media (MSM) in Malaysia are Umno Baru-BN's propaganda arms, such as Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, New Straits Times, The Star, all TV and radio stations, spinning and singing the same tune without any regard to the truth.

Printing and publishing licences are not given other than to Umno Baru stooges. So which MSM is Zainuddin referring to? Do not forget that he was our information minister to boot. What a silly assessment of the 2008 election results.

Call Me Jibby: Zam, it's called Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), not Radio Television Umno.

BujangSenang: The media alone cannot help a crooked politician to win. In the end, it's the voters who decide which candidates will represent them.

Supercession: Ooh yes, let's only report 'positive' news about Umno - like Umno 'not' looting, cheating, C4-ing, selling military secrets, rigging elections, land grabbing, consorting with corrupt intermediaries, pillaging, having all kinds of illicit sex, robbing the rakyat and so on.

Artchan: "The veteran journalist also lambasted most of the media for not practising ethics in their reporting." So funny lah , Zam. You really know how to joke.

Drive to recruit anti-Lynas 'green vanguards'

Hermit: The so-called experts often deduce that radiation exposure is safe, or if asked to put their opinion in writing they would rather say; the radiation exposure is ‘quite safe'.

There goes the trick, from safe to quite safe. The other day I heard another expert saying; not to worry about radiation from high tension transmission line, even your home microwave cooker and TV emit higher radiation level.

These experts have refused to give their opinion about residents living around the radioactive sites, who are continuously exposed to radiation around the clock for many, many years as they have no other places to live, while radiation from the microwave cooker and TV are just exposure for a one-time duration.

If Lynas continues saying that their plant is safe, we demand that a bungalow be built in the vicinity of the plant for the number one boss.

Anonymous #70881335: It is good and admirable to fight passionately for a cause, but sadly, in this anti-Lynas case, it is blown way out of proportion.

And shame on all the politicians who took advantage of it. Keep your heads cool and think rationally, Lynas is quite harmless. Suffice for me to say that.

But let us be equally passionate in fighting for a better educational system, against corruption and leakages, cronyism and clean elections. And this spirit will keep Malaysia great, no matter who is in power.

3rdEye: Anonymous #70881335, you are still living in '1Wonderland'. Lynas has yet to resolve its waste issue but its licence has been approved - do you need a rocket scientist to tell you that many things are not right with the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (Lamp)?

They lied when they said they will send the waste back to Australia, knowing very well that Australians are not stupid and will never allow it. Are they going to dump it in the South China Sea or ask the Malaysian government to clear the waste?

Lynas is not going to pay any taxes. Can you gauge the amount of money and resources wasted in 'protecting' Lynas? And if there's an accident, it's the government that will use the rakyat's money to clean up the mess.

Voice: Australia's environmental or health conscious and protection are far more superior than many countries, including ours. Their success formula is they don't do it (harm) in their own country. They do it in other countries.

Mat Malaysia: PM Najib Razak, did you see the Green March crowd in the photo? This photo is not doctored. I would be shivering in my pants if I were you.

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