Najib, Chinese may support BN if only...

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YOURSAY 'Surreptitiously in our history books, their contribution and role in the history of our nation have been reduced to a mere footnote."

PM: Chinese support for BN will bring nation success

your say Swipenter: When it suits Umno's president and the prime minister, the immense contributions of the Chinese to the nation are acknowledged and praised.

But still surreptitiously in our history books their contribution and role in the history of our nation have been reduced to a mere footnote.

Also when it suits Umno's president and Umno's delegates at their annual general assembly and other ceramahs, Chinese-bashing could be the flavour of their speeches. This is not 1Malaysia but one divided Malaysia by design.

Rick Teo: Those Chinese who still have faith in Umno are either ignorant or masochists. After 55 years of discrimination, they still want to vote BN?

Only fools who don't learn from history are bound to repeat their mistakes. Vote Pakatan Rakyat for a change. Indeed, change is already evident in Penang and Selangor.

What change is Prime Minister Najib Razak talking about? I don't see any change but daily corruption from the government.

3rdEye: Chinese Malaysians are a patient lot, PM. But you and BN have continued to fail not only the community but all Malaysians for the last 55 years.

The obvious record today shows only arrogance and absolute greed. Yet you continue to ask for more! Shame.

Nil: Well Najib, will you say it is okay to have a non-Malay, non-Muslim PM, and to ask for the removal of all the affirmative action policies?

After all, 1Malaysia is otherwise meaningless. Asking for Chinese support must entail reciprocal offers. Try again. Otherwise, it is still ABU (Anything but Umno) for the Chinese.

Clever Voter: You want non-bumiputera support? Just do the following:

1) Remove the 7 percent discount on house purchases for bumis.

2) Introduce merit selection of entrants into and promotion in the civil service.

3) Remove government-linked companies' (GLCs) preferences for bumis.

4) Allow Kuala Lumpur folks to choose their leaders to run the local government.

5) Stop making small and medium-sized businesses pay bribes to runners and middlemen.

Podeh: It is insolence of Najib to compare the spirit of unity today with that of the time of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Today's politics is constantly tinged with Malay supremacy, race and religion. Today's BN corruption is blatant, in your face and without fear of being caught.

Today the average Chinese is in dire need of trying to make ends meet. Today good old Malaya/Malaysia is in a mess as a result of BN and its illiterate, couldn't care less, plundering politicians. Today we Malaysians are a sorry lot.

Apapunboleh: What bull is he talking about? Why is there bumi and non-bumi? Why are the Chinese treated as second-class citizens? When would be the day everybody gets a 7 percent discount on property purchases like the bumis do now?

Onyourtoes: The PM said Obama has asked for two terms because it was impossible to make amends on what was done during the tenure of George W Bush in four years.

What an irony; Najib wants more time, but has it ever occurred to him that he is a long line of succession from our own ‘George W Bush' that we should have terminated more than 22 years ago?

NuckinFuts: All this while Umno has been warning that non-Malay are a threat to Malay unity. Now it's saying Malay unity is not a threat to the non-Malays? I'm confused.

Anonymous_3e21: The Chinese are not fools to be taken for a ride now as they are fully aware that you are only interested in your own survival and you are merely using them. Otherwise, how would you explain your Perkasa, Zulkifli Nordin, Hasan Ali connections?

Onyourtoes: Dear PM, we are concerned with crime but we are even more concerned with police officers who are rogues.

2lan: The only thing rising for BN is my anger and contempt for their stupidity in believing we can believe in their bull.

Show us with actions, have open tenders, show us documents to prove there is no hanky panky in the Automatic Enforcement System (AES) and other big contracts. Talk is cheap, especially from one who has lost all credibility.

Bartimaeus 2020: Much of the nation's wealth has been produced by the minority communities, especially the Chinese. This may be the reason why the regime justifies embezzlement, rent-collecting and freeloading.

"After all, they are dhimmis and the laws of nature require that they work hard to keep us comfortable, who are the adherents of the only true religion" seems to be the official attitude.

And we wretched fools, not recognising the degenerate and pirate-inspired ethical system which they are using, continue to pay our taxes and be led like sheep.

Het: The Chinese are supporting BN? Hasn't Najib seen the Green March and the gathering of the Dong Zong ?

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