For Najib and Rosmah, silence is not an option

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YOURSAY 'What is wrong if Deepak indeed did ask Anwar Ibrahim for his help? I think that is only sensible since he is accusing the PM and his wife.'

'Why haven't Najib, Rosmah denied Deepak's claims?'

your say Abasir: Neither PM Najib Razak nor Umno will challenge carpet merchant Deepak Jaikishian. Why? Because that will open up the can of worms which will crawl out for all to see.

Their best bet is for the court to 'manage' the trial and outcome. Which was what former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad did with the judiciary by removing then chief justice Salleh Abas and all vestiges of impartiality.

In the meantime, the usual Umno apparatus will go into high gear to link Deepak with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, former US president George W Bush, international financier George Soros, the Zionists, communists, Bersih and anti-Lynas groups.

And back at the ranch, Pemandu will plan corruption courses for MPs, but leaving out private tutorials for Najib and his friends.

Changeagent: Najib’s and wife Rosmah Mansor's silence speaks volumes about the lack of will by the police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to look into Deepak's serious allegations of financial misconduct against them.

Contrast this to the almost instantaneous action by the police when Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan claimed he was sodomised, or when Datuk T revealed their amateurish homemade fictional video.

Tailek: How to deny? It’s better to keep silent and let the Umno thugs and bloggers do their dirty work for them.

Malaysia must be the only democratic country in the whole world where such a serious allegation against the country's PM is brushed off or pushed under the carpet.

Ahmad4u: Deepak should be protected under the Whistleblower Protection Act. He has a lot of guts going directly to the press knowing what might happen if he brings his complaint through "proper channels".

Anonymous_3e21: What is wrong if Deepak indeed did ask DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) for his help? I think that is only sensible thing to do since he is accusing the PM and his wife.

What is important is that his allegations must be rebutted. The problem is both of the accused are playing the roles of dumb and dumber, and choose instead to sent low-life blogger Papagomo and other gangs to defend them.

Malaysians are embarrassed to death to learn that their supreme leader is stripped naked helplessly.

Rahman: How can a defence minister or his deputy secretary-general give approval for a land transfer?

A land transfer can only be approved by a state authority and the land office. I doubt Najib doesn't know his authority. As for the video, it is a record of what Deepak said about Anwar, R Sivarasa and N Surendran.

It is for the three of them to either confirm their involvement to defame Najib or otherwise. Certainly, a defamed Najib would boost Pakatan Rakyat chances of winning GE13.

So it is not unthinkable for the three to indulge in such acts. As they say in politics, nothing is impossible.

Mushiro: Like private eye P Balasubmaniam, Deepak would have been threatened to either retract his statements or told not talk to the press anymore.

Deepak’s allegations is very serious and warrants a response from Najib and Rosmah. Even if the pro-Umno bloggers try to distract, with the mainstream media (MSMs) playing their part to support Najib, the premier must still answer Deepak's allegations as it involved him, his family and government's money. Keeping quiet is not an option.

HYL: Deepak is indeed a brave man to incur the wrath of a woman who has a weakness for bling-blings and expensive bags and shoes.

He must have heard the saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". And this is not just any woman, this is a woman with a big body, big hairdo and to top it off, a big ego.

Deepak, now you really need a contingent of bodyguards to look after your safety.

Bluemountains: Najib and Rosmah must sue Deepak, in their personal capacity, for defamation because it involves them personally.

Please don't use government institutions to charge them for criminal defamation like in blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin’s case.

If they don't sue him in their personal capacity, then it is not wrong for the rakyat to assume that Deepak has been telling the truth.

Superwoman6: Why so quiet? Continue to swear on the holy book to say you don't know Deepak and have never met him before. Only your other half knows him.

Louis: It is imperative that Najib clears his name in an open court. Too many wild allegations have been leveled against him and he cannot simply keep quiet.

Not only is he a hot coffee-shop topic, school children were overheard discussing Najib and Rosmah in supermarkets and restaurants.

Anonymous #12566075: Whether Deepak got help from Anwar or the anti-Najib camp in Umno is not really important.

Since the allegation was made against the No 1 politician in Malaysia, it is a grave and serious matter. Najib owes all Malaysians an explanation.

Hang Babeuf: "Why haven't they responded?" you ask. Why don't turkeys vote for Christmas? Same, no?

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