Bar Council, it's time to act on Bala's SD2

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YOURSAY ‘It is well within the Bar council's jurisdiction and competence to do so. But will it have what it takes to take up the challenge?'

Only one man stands to gain from Bala's second SD

your say Ferdtan: Private investigator P Balasubramaniam's lawyer Americk Sidhu is still asking the same pertinent question: "Who drafted the second SD?"

A well-known senior lawyer and his lawyer son had been widely speculated, and even named in public, to be involved.

Thus, it is an open knowledge that the fingers are pointing at them - yet they don't see it fit to come out to deny such accusations.

If they are innocent, why are they maintaining such an elegant silence? Are they hoping that with their silence, the problem would be forgotten?

Paul Warren: In Malaysia, when the guilty remain silent and the mainstream media do not make any allusions to the case and the allegations at hand, then all this never happened.

It is more important that the kampong (village) folks, who Umno leaders think are sheep waiting to be led to the slaughter and therefore not to be troubled with the master's problems, remain locked under the proverbial coconut shell.

They basically want a pliant, ignorant and dumb population out there who will do their bidding as the two identified killers of Altantuya Shariibuu did.

The Mask: What is the Bar Council doing? How long do they need to identify the lawyer who drafted the second statutory declaration (SD)?

If they can't identify the lawyer, then the second SD should be invalid, right? As such, the authorities should act on the first SD.

Kim Quek: This factual and precise analysis by Americk has the effect of nailing PM Najib Abdul Razak as a guilty party to the issues surrounding the Altantuya murder beyond doubt.

The problem now is that all the law-enforcing institutions, namely the police, attorney-general (AG) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) have refused, and will continue to refuse, to act in anyway that will cause trouble to Najib.

So, our only hope lies with the Bar Council, which can contribute towards restoring justice to the murdered by initiating an investigation on the lawyer who wrote the second SD which is fraudulent.

It is well within the Bar council's jurisdiction and competence to do so. But will it have what it takes to take up the challenge?

As for Bala's lawyer, Americk, he stands as an exemplary officer of the law that all Malaysians should feel proud of. Thank you, Americk, you have served justice well.

DontPlayGod: I have noted with disgust how the prosecutor, the police, and the even the judiciary have made strenuous effort not to investigate or call Najib as a witness. Every effort was made not to even mention his name.

In my mind, Najib should have been a key witness, if not the first witness, for the very simple reason that the two accused answered to him, and nobody else.

The two police officers (who were Najib's bodyguards) have not met nor know Altantuya and obviously someone must have given the orders to the duo. Is it so hard to find out who?

Why weren't the two men interrogated by the powers-that-be as to who gave them the orders to kill Altantuya?

Abasir: The conspiracy to the murder is matched by the conspiracy of silence. Based only on published statements and reinforced by the stubborn refusal of those publicly accused to deny the allegations, Malaysians have a pretty good idea as to the identity of the order giver as well as the cast of characters involved in the cover-up.

They include lawyers, politicians, civil servants and members of the uniformed services. The choice for Malaysians is as stark as black and white: a regime that is indelibly stained with the evil of criminal wrongdoing and an emergent group apparently conjoined by ideals and principles.

The question is whether Malaysians (which include the morally obtuse) will stick with the 'devil they know' regardless of all that has come to light. The dirtiest election to come will also determine the moral compass of Malaysia.

Lone_star: The new year has hardly started and once again our most gentlemanly of PMs has again been bombarded with allegations and innuendoes.

Here's wishing him a bright and happy new year. Don't mind all these nasty allegations, chappie. Long may he continue to rule.

Jean Pierre: I read the first SD again. It seems that private investigator (PI) Ang and PI Suras Kumar were close with Altantuya, her cousin Amy and two other Mongolian girls.

In fact Suras allegedly had a relationship with one of them. They were privy to the whole affair and would be able to add details as well as second what PI Bala has declared. Where are they?

Why weren't they called to testify in the court? Have they been silenced, too?

SiPekTuLan-BN-Liao: Wake up Bar Council, time to act. You have to ride on the wave of ‘ubah' (change) without delay, Gangnam-style please.

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