Citizenship-for-votes is treason of the highest order

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YOURSAY ‘The question now is do we have an illegal government sitting in Sabah? Are the last few election results null and void?'

Ex-NRD chief: Immigrants made voters, not citizens

your say OMG!!: Now you know who are Umno's fixed deposit in Sabah and that they are still on the electoral roll.

Civil society groups, all right-minded citizens and political parties, especially those in Sabah which often claim they work for Sabahans, should stop the government from holding GE13 until the electoral roll is totally cleaned up.

If you need an independent foreign party to do it, so be it. The EC does not have credibility at all and it does not help when it has a hostile deputy chief.

Betelnut: As a Sabahan, I weep in my heart after reading all these revelations. All local Sabah political parties in BN should have the decency and conscience to stand up now and show that they are indeed Sabahans.

Paul Warren: "‘Before I was sent there, I was briefed to help support the creation of a government that would favour the Islam religion in Sabah. When they mentioned this, I was attracted and I agreed to help bring a government that was supportive of the Islam religion to power," said former Sabah National Registration Department (NRD) chief Ramli Kamarudin, adding that this meant ousting Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS)."

Is that supposed to be complimentary of Islam or is it insulting of Islam?

Does it mean that those with ‘71' in their MyKad number are therefore not citizens? Does it mean that those holding cards that have a ‘lanjut' or expiry date are also not citizens?

If they are not citizens, but issued with a MyKad, are they then lawfully entitled to vote? Are these people legal voters whose names may already in the electoral roll? Should their names not be removed?

Or is there going to be a lot of vigilance at the polling stations to ensure these people don't turn up. If not, arrest them for holding ‘false documents'. After all, I don't know what law there is in Malaysia which allows the issuance of such MyKads.

Odin: Now we know why the National Registration Department (NRD) has the resources to increase the pro-BN Muslim population considerably, artificially and speedily.

The depraved Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his no less base successors have enabled it. But when it comes to the natives in Sabah and Sarawak and the Orang Asli and the Indians in peninsular Malaysia, the department has deprived hundreds of thousands of them of citizenship, which they rightly deserve.

Bash: The question now is do we have an illegal government sitting in Sabah? Are the last few election results null and void?

Gggg: It's very strange that the former NRD officials were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) because the detention order would have been signed by the home minister or his deputy. The same men who instructed them to issue ICs (identity cards).

This reminds of Deepak Jaikishan's story that the person who asked him for help was also the same person behind his trouble with the Inland Revenue Board (IRD).

Chris Wong: What form of ID that they managed to use in order to be able to vote is a smaller issue, compared to the granting of ‘citizen' status to foreigners, whether temporary or not.

Going by the definition that you must be a citizen to vote, this is wrong in so many ways. Most importantly, this is an act of treason and should be punished accordingly.

Anonymous #46317055: I'm shocked beyond words. Is it okay for Muslims to cheat their way into forming the government? Is this right? What would Allah say?

EC ordered us to issue ICs to immigrants, RCI told

Starr: For the Election Commission (EC) to deny manipulating election result is downright lying.

Sabahans have had the first dose of EC's tampering with the electoral process to ensure victory of the ruling party. What's happening in the peninsula right now is just a replica of the scheme used to wrest control from the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) government.

The former NRD director's evidence is no farther from the truth that the EC was involved in manufacturing electoral result for their political masters. Such rigging of the election results is downright criminal.

Telestai!: This is damning evidence of the EC having a hand in ensuring the Umno wins in Sabah at the state and general elections.

While I can understand why civil servants cooperated in this project as they were merely following instructions from their bosses who are ministers, the involvement of the EC is unforgiveable.

Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a lot to answer for. Now we know why he constantly made calls for a strong mandate for BN - so that he could manipulate election results and wreak untold damage on the country.

Odin: The EC had colluded with Mahathir and thus had betrayed the Agong and all Malaysians. Clearly, they were jointly culpable of committing a heinous, despicable act.

Doubtless, the EC is still colluding with the present Umno to deceive the Agong and all Malaysians. All its senior officials must be removed immediately to help ensure that GE13 will be conducted fairly and cleanly.

Multi Racial: The implication are far-reaching. Firstly can PBS candidate Jublee KK Zen sue BN for cheating in the 1994 state election in Sabah and win his right to be the state assemblyperson and earn his salary and allowance during the period he was supposed to be holding the post and thereafter earn retirement benefits?

For those found involved in this operation from top to bottom, are we going to charge them with treason? All those illegal immigrants who were given citizenships, can it be made null and void? What about their children born in this country who are now considered Malaysian? What are we going to do about them?

My God, only evil people would do such a thing. May God make sure they pay the price for their crimes.

Ghostwhowalks: This is treason of the highest order. I'm lost for words. Our native bumi brothers who were at one time in the 70s the largest ethnic group in Sabah (in excess of 40 percent), are now diluted to 20 plus percent.

Sabahans have lost their identity, and we have ignorant peninsular Malaysians saying Sabahans are dumb/stupid to vote for BN. They ignore the fact that this lot of illegal foreigners are the kingmakers.

Real Sabahans are now in a 'dire straits' situation as their destiny is controlled by these illegal but legalised foreigners.

Pronto: I am not surprised the same thing is happening today in the whole country. Now many of the electorates in our constituencies have either doubled or tripled. Knowing this, what can the Pakatan Rakyat parties do about?

Poll reform movement Bersih prove it was right along. The whole government chicaneries are involved. Indeed, who can we thrust?

SteveK: I wonder how many illegal immigrants already got their IC and are waiting to cast their vote in this coming election?

Don't be surprised to find your former Indonesian workers queuing behind you to cast their vote.

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