MCA and Umno fighting over cash handouts like schoolkids

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YOURSAY 'Whether it's Umno or MCA, it's disgusting using taxpayers' money for political publicity. There are no new ideas from BN, except to pay for votes.'

MCA slams Umno for dominating cash handouts

your say Erinyes: Unbelievable! Federal Territory MCA education bureau chief Eddie Heng is complaining that Umno is hogging the limelight in an exercise that is clearly aimed at buying votes.

BN leaders have not only lost the plot, and they are starting to eat one another alive.

Swipenter: Eddie Heng, what is the point in you "slamming" Umno for dominating the RM100 handout? This issue is just peanuts.

MCA has been dominated by Umno since the 1970s. With the exception of one or two MCA leaders, none have ever shown enough guts, pride and dignity todate to fight Umno's political hegemony over BN and stand up against its arrogance and bullying.

That is why in the eyes of the Chinese community today whom you claim to represent and whose rights you claim to defend, MCA is nothing but a lapdog of Umno.

Is MCA content with the crumbs thrown your way by Umno? Where was your pride and dignity for the last 40 odd years? Or have you sold your soul to Umno to satisfy your own self-interests at the expense of the Chinese community?

CHY: "Eddie Heng said (Wangsa Maju Umno division chief) Shafie Abdullah's action did not respect the spirit of BN."

Since when has Umno respected MCA in the spirit of BN? The MCA has been marginalised and you don't even realise it, just picking up whatever crumbs are thrown at you like beggars.

Michael Ng 34f2: Now they are fighting among themselves to distribute the measly RM100? Please stop your subtle bribery. People still would not vote for you after receiving that amount.

DanielYahya: So they are admitting the RM100 is a bribe for parents to vote for BN? And all this, by using the rakyat's money?

Apapunboleh: Whether it's Umno or MCA, it's disgusting using taxpayers' money for political publicity. There are no new ideas from BN, except to pay for votes.

2lan: All you thick-skinned beggars, the people are not stupid. They know you are giving them our money not BN's so it makes no difference who gives it out.

MCA, the writing is on the wall. Umno is taking back all non-Chinese majority seats. They do not need you anymore.

Alan : So much for denying the budget handouts are not meant to buy votes. If so, why are BN leaders fighting to give it out? Have you ever heard of them fighting over who should do real work?

So isn't this vote-buying instead of the government giving aid because they care for the rakyat as they claim?

Anonymous_3f55: So now we know, the RM100 is just to hoodwink the public as its clear intention is to get closer to the voters. I thought education is not supposed to be politicised? What happened to that?

Paul Warren: The education officers who enable BN politicians to use their facilities for this corrupt action should be aware that what they are doing is corrupt and they shall be made to answer for it after the next GE.

Anonymous_3e86: MCA has been sleeping all these years. Only now is it aware of Umno's high-handedness.

How about complaining about former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Umno's involvement in the ‘citizenship-for-votes' scandal? Don't tell me MCA had no prior knowledge of the plan?

Onyourtoes: This is all BN cares about - showing their pseudo care for the people. They have lost touch of the reality of governing this country. All they care about is dispensing opium and creating addicts out of Malaysians.

By the way, MCA, surely you have bigger concerns and issues to fight for than the miserable RM100 aid for school children.

How about your comments on the ongoing royal commission of inquiry (RCI) in Sabah and the complaint (by Mahathir) of over one million citizenships given by first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman to non-Malays?

Anonymous35_8478: I am surprised why this MCA leader took so long to realise that his MCA party is only an ‘extra' in BN.

Gofortruth: MCA, can't you see from day one, Umno has been working towards the day when they could dump you when they can finally have the overall majority without Chinese support, by converting foreign Muslims into bumiputera Malays? Or are you still blinded by the Umno ringgit dangling in front of your eyes?

Not Confused : These brain dead idiots are fighting like children - I don't think the Wangsa Maju constituents will want to be represented by such imbecilic children.

Stevie Weng

: Gone are the days when BN would get votes for:

1. Having Chinese shows daily on TV just before the elections;

2. Threatening the people with May 13 riots if BN loses;

3. Telling the public that this and that is ‘another project by BN';

4. Paving the roads around your neighbourhood once every four years;

5. Promising you that your school would have a new block soon;

6. Telling all races they are equal in BN's eyes and will be treated as such;

7. That meritocracy is what they have been practising all these years;

8. Announcing that crime rate is low or X percent lower than last year's;

9. Saying they care for you;

10. Saying they are the best when it comes to running a country.

And the list is endless.

SteveOh : The spirit of BN, says MCA's Eddie Heng? If I had any self-respect, I would not be complaining but would emancipate myself from the political bondage and abuse in a failed and unequally yoked marriage.

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