Dr M living in fear of his own shadow

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YOURSAY 'Mahathir's lies and his illogical and incoherent rambling is slowly catching up with him and unravel the despicable and evil man that he is.'

Ex-don: BN parties and rulers should respond to Dr M

your say Ruben: With all due respect, constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari, our BN parties and rulers have hardly in the past spoke out strongly on slanders and insults that were hurled at non-Muslims or the opposition.

You can clearly see the double standards and that is cruel. They are supposed to represent and fight for all Malaysians, unfortunately they fail badly on this.

Slumdog: Mahathir's lies and his illogical and incoherent rambling is slowly catching up with him and unravel the despicable and evil man that he is.

The more he opens his mouth to defend his actions, the more he displays his inconsistencies. The many immoral deeds he has perpetrated against the rakyat and the nation will once again be highlighted by the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into Immigrants in Sabah.

Milosevic: It is very easy to figure out Mahathir's brain. There are only four algorithms.

1. Always have your way, and lock people up if they oppose you.

2. Use power to make your own family and associates super rich.

3. If people get upset, use race and religion to deflect. Make it seem that you are guided by a higher group purpose other than just self-aggrandisement.

Always stir this racial pot and play brinkmanship, because it works with an ill-informed people. Manipulate the media and tell the people you are the saviour of a weak and threatened group, and you love them.

4. When in doubt use the methods of Israel. Openly or surreptitiously invite all people of the same religion into the country but deny long-standing people who have duly earned their rights any basic equality of status.

Keep saying they are dangerous. But be clever to criticise Israel, and say it is evil. It helps hide your own condemnable behaviour. Always make yourself righteous and you can succeed occasionally.

Abasir: I must agree with Milosevic's analysis. Mahathir positions himself as a 'champion' for the oppressed Palestinians to only feed the fanaticism among unthinking Malays.

Secretly however, he copies Israeli's tactics to remain in power. Just as the Zionists flood occupied territories with anyone professing to be a Jew and thus displace the native Palestinians, Mahathir brought in tens of thousands of foreigners to displace native Sabahans of many faiths and perpetuate his regime.

This is clearly a form of ethnic cleansing enabled by the collusion of his Sabahan underlings.

Clever Voter: Dr M is challenging and daring us with this analogy that if he is guilty, so are thousands who have benefitted directly or indirectly from his rule. The web of guilt cuts across many, this issue is just one of many.

Frightening thought, but let us not be confused with what took place in pre-independence Malaya.

It is unlikely anything will happen unless the new government (if Pakatan Rakyat coalition succeeds) decides to start the process where thousands were involved, and thousands will be guilty.

Anonymous #84319416: I had high respect for Mahathir once but it eventually eroded and what he said last week that unqualified people were given citizenship by Tunku before we got independence is something cannot be digested.

It also depicts the true nature of BN that they want the votes of everyone but at the same time some of us are still considered unqualified immigrants to be given citizenship. This comes from a man who "cared for all".

Hang Tuah PJ: My mother was born in Labu, Negeri Sembilan and travelled to Sri Lanka with her parents and came back and married my Malaysian-born father, is still holding a red IC.

She is 84 years old now and has been living in this country since she was 17 years of age. She has eight Malaysian children and umpteen Malaysian grandchildren, some of whom are Malays.

We know why she cannot get her citizenship even though she has her baptism certificate to prove she was born in Malaysia. If she had been a Muslim, she would have gotten it a long time ago.

Bash: Stay calm. Nature will take its course. Given time, all wrongdoings will be exposed and corrected. The annals of the nation's history will be the judge of those who did good and those who did bad.

Can you imagine how one's future generations will suffer because of a deed of someone considered as a bad man? I know that like myself, many do have fond feelings for the demised Tunku. He was a decent man.

Absalom: We have two ex-PMs who seem to be playing crucial roles on the eve this coming GE.

One is known to be a revered gentleman whom everybody regardless of race, loves; the other is ruled by self-interest and greed, and won't hesitate to hit below the belt if it serves him well.

Anonymous #75854042: Who's to blame? As long as the NGOs, universities and other institutions in Malaysia continue to invite Dr M to talk at their forums or conferences, he will use them as a platform to ridicule PM Najib Razak, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and ex-PM Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Dr M is living in fear of his own shadow for all the wrongdoing that he has done. The only way is to stop inviting this man to any function and let him retire gracefully.

Quigonbond: The only thing that matters to Dr M - ensuring one of his sons become a premier some time in the future so that his generations can live off the hard work of other Malaysians by getting preferential treatment over procurement contracts.

He will do it by either misinformation or confusion. And to take some heat off him, he's throwing Perkasa into the fray by fanning racial and religious sentiment over burning Malay language bibles.

In the end, it's Umno internal war all over again and the rakyat is caught in the strong undercurrents. Only that, there will be a difference this time. This time, the public has a choice to vote out BN.

Mushiro: It is shocking that after committing treason, Mahathir is now trying to instigate unrest, and the police and government are not prepared to take any action.

Mahashitla: This man is a genius but possesses the chromosome of a criminal.

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