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Take up Mat Zain's proposal, challenge the rolls

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VOXPOP 'I hope the very best in the legal fraternity in Selangor can study it and throw more light into this suggestion and do what is necessary.'

Challenge electoral roll through its gazette

vox populi small thumbnail Anonymous #28436147: Mat Zain Ibrahim, you have obviously given this important issue some thought and come up with a possible challenge to the electoral roll.

I pray your analysis or some variation on the theme will be taken up by the legal fraternity on behalf of any or all of the groups in the opposition. It can also be taken up, I believe, by the sitting state governments concerned about the loss of their citizens franchise through fraud or negligence.

This is a most important issue which the opposition and civil society should be driving for all it's worth. Section 9A of the Election Act should also be subject to similar treatment.

As a former Criminal Investigation Department chief, Mat Zain, you have put your training to good use on behalf of the rakyat. Thank you.

Starr: What sort of law is it that the electoral roll, once gazetted, can't be challenged? This is especially so when there has been allegations of fraud in the 'citizenship for vote' scam.

The electoral roll is the 'gateway' of democracy. Without a clean electoral roll there can't be democracy in this country, never mind about being the 'best democracy in the world' as pronounced by PM Najib Razak.

Clearly, there has been clear evidence of fraud for a long time and the Election Commission has been instrumental in perpetuating the fraud to cheat and rob the people of Sabah of their legitimate government.

The majority of Sabahans knew of the massive fraud perpetuated by the authorities for decades and don't need a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to tell them so.

They are not interested to know what had have happened, but what are the authorities going to do about it. They can't no longer pretend to be 'innocent' or 'ignorant' about it.

The electoral roll should be challenged and we need to pursue this rigorously without reservation.

Paul Warren: Section 9A of Election Act 1958 says, "After an electoral roll has been certified or re-certified, as the case may be, and notice of the certification or re-certification has been published in the gazette..."

Certified or recertified? In other words, it may be gazetted after a certification. And then it can go through another recertification, which is subsequently gazetted with the second gazette overriding the first gazette.

In other words, a gazetted certified roll is not necessarily final and can be replaced by another recertified one. Nothing is being said about the receritified one being the last and final document. It can be repeatedly recertified. In other words, the gazetting is basically a joke!

Ddeo: Hmm, this is an interesting proposition indeed. "A gazette is only lawful if the documents to be published are made in accordance with the law." Is this statement based on any legal authority?

Not that I question its common sense, but I'm not convinced of the independence or competence of our courts, so perhaps the legal validity of this statement might be the crux in getting the case through the door.

There might also be an issue of locus. Challenging the validity of the gazette might require a stronger basis for locus than challenging the same of the electoral roll.

A Selangor Voter: Brilliant, Saudara Mat Zain. We need more intellectuals and fair-minded civil servants like you. I think as a voter in Selangor, your suggestion should be considered immediately by the powers-that-be.

Strip the EC's top brass bare. Make our votes count.

IloveBN: I hope the very best in the legal fraternity in Selangor can study it and throw more light into Mat Zain's suggestion and do what is necessary.

Nasha booted from PAS' syura council

Aries46: Poor former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa. ‘What goes around comes around', and it certainly didn't take long in coming for Nasha.

It is said that 'retribution is swift' but to everyone's delight it came as a 'double whammy' to this 'holier-than-thou' hypocrite who 'runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds'.

His ejection from his prestigious position in the syura council renders him useless to his political masters both in PAS and Umno, and it won't be surprising if Nasha turns out as yet another 'Umno friendly' together with Jati, Hasan Ali's all-new outfit.

Do we Malaysians ever run short of political clowns in our blessed country?

Timothy: He is a man of no integrity nor principles. Nasha should have tendered his resignation from PAS and ceased to be a member. He should have applied to be a member of Umno ulama wing instead.

But instead he goes against the party deliberately and waited to be removed or sacked from the party in order to fish for some sympathy.

Alfa: Nasharuddin's heart and soul are already with Umno. Why is PAS keeping him as a member?

Unmasked: Nasha, you cannot have the best of both worlds. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Your recent actions leave little doubt.

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