EC chief, why resurrect the ghost of May 13?

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YOURSAY It is therefore imperative that the EC ensures the elections are conducted in a fair and open manner so there is no doubt in anyone's mind as to who won the elections.'

EC: No demos post-election to avoid repeat of May 13

your say Boiling Mud: Instead of worrying his little brain about a post-election racial clash, Election Commission chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof should concentrate on his duty to ensure that a fair and transparent election takes place in GE13.

What has he done to honour and uphold the oath taken before the Agong? Given the incompetence and lack of impartiality of the commission, he should have been relieved of his job by the Agong a long time ago.

SteveOh*: Sound warning must result in sound actions indeed. It becomes imperative therefore that the EC ensures the elections are conducted in an open and fair manner so there is no doubt in anyone's mind as to who won the elections fair and square.

The EC still has much to do to rectify the shortcomings in the electoral roll and ensure the 13th general election (GE13) is not only fair but seen to be fair.

Then no one will blame the EC because there will be no reason for anyone to take to the streets. The EC is running out of time to put in place the reforms.

Ruben: As usual, the ghost of May 13 needs to be resurrected to instill fear in all of us. EC, you have a long way to go to make the next GE impartial and we are all still waiting. Remember Bersih 3.0?

BernieBaby: It sounds like the EC is already predicting a Pakatan Rakyat victory and they are expecting BN to create chaos.

By the way, the five state governments were won by the opposition because you didn't expect it then and were focused on Sabah. Are you now trying to change the outcome of these states too?

Kgen: The loss of five states by BN is no proof that the election was fair. It just means that the voters' support for the opposition was enough to overwhelm the cheating.

Tongckho: There should be no demonstrations during the elections period. All parties must be allowed to express their views without being threatened or heckled by the opposing side.

Let the rakyat decide who they prefer to listen to. The uniformed personnel must remain neutral and ensure crowd control.

Anonymous #32993250: The EC's job is to facilitate the conduct of elections without fear or favour. The EC should make sure the media is open both to the ruling party and opposition.

Funding for election should be controlled as per allocation. Bribery by any party must be addressed as per law.

So far your actions on all the above is dismal. The aftermath of the elections is the concern of law enforcers, not yours.

Adrian_1991: If the EC wants to prevent a repeat of the May 13 incident, it must conduct the election in a transparent manner so as to remove any doubt on the results. When both sides are satisfied that no unfairness has happened, there won't be any need to protest.

It is when one party feel cheated that causes the problem. Any blood spilt after the election is on EC chief's hands. Plain and simple.

Tholu: Abdul Aziz has to open his big mouth to prove, yet again, the downward spiraling of the BN's and its institution head's mentality to the abyss of stupidity and illogicalness.

Your statement is full of follies and subtle threat:

1. The prohibition order to hold street demonstrations by any party after the announcement of the election results is but, I believe, with the police, not the EC.

2. The controversy over the use of the word 'Allah' is already raging now and Umno and its cronies are exploiting it to the maximum for political mileage. Your advice "not to manipulate racial and religious issues during the election" is superannuated and no longer valid.

3. The May 13 tragedy was mostly a disaster born out of racial discontent at that time.

Today, no such thing can happen as there are mixed races in both the BN and Pakatan. The May 13 tragedy has always been used as a bogeyman to instill fear, especially among the Malays, when Umno feels threatened by the waning support of the Malays.

Mangodurian: I disagree with how this is expressed by the EC chief with the threat of May 13, but I share the sentiment. I do agree about not showing off.

The thing is, if BN does fall this time, it will not be racial. It will be political. In many ways, the EC has issued a veiled prediction that BN is going to fall.

Dom The Nick: Fear-mongering again? It won't work this time, sir.

Lucky 13: EC has no power to control the results of the election but they have power to impose laws and rules that no one is to carry out mass street protest on the outcome of election, otherwise it will lead to riots and curfews.

As a voter in this coming 13th GE, I have been threatened by the EC, whose duty is to just lay the necessary groundwork to ensure a clean, fair and smooth election.

To make a statement like that is tantamount to casting fear and panic among voters from exercising their innate rights by the federal constitution.

Personally, I smell an evil tendency in this EC official. I wish to protest the statement.

Chipmunk: Hey Aziz, when are you going to clean up the EC? Do that first and all other matters will take care by themselves.

Onyourtoes: Look Aziz, you don't have to worry about the rest, that is not your job.

You just have to do what is duly yours - make sure the electoral rolls are clean and free from manipulations; make sure you answer and explain all the allegations and accusation levelled against the EC and other government departments; clean up all the discrepancies before the election, and allow impartial or political parties both from BN and Pakatan to observe and monitor the election process.

Anonymous #12566075: Aziz, you ask people to obey the law, then why you, as EC chairperson, do not obey the law? For example, why do you sit and do nothing after the RCI (royal commission of inquiry) on Sabah revealed cheating and phantom voters in the voting lists?

Don't say you have to wait until the RCI completes its investigation. By then, GE13 is already over.

Kolopilah: An incident-free rally was held for half a million people of various races at Stadium Merdeka recently. You, Aziz, must make sure there will be no chaos when Umno loses. We will hold you accountable.

Hmmmmmmmm: EC chief, stop diverting to other issues. Just do your job properly and let the police deal with security.

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