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BN has cashed in all its 'nambikei' chips
Published:  Feb 5, 2013 1:29 AM
Updated: 4:11 AM

YOURSAY 'Once bitten, twice shy. But Indians have been bitten not once but many times by Umno, and if they cannot feel shy they have themselves to blame.'

Please give me 'nambikei', Najib pleads to Indians

your say Shyyyyyy: "The prime minister added that he would discuss with Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the education minister, about the possibility of converting Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT) which did not receive government assistance, to be converted into fully government assisted schools, in stages."

So only now you have realised this, Mr PM? Especially when you are desperate for the Indian votes. How many years have Tamil schools suffered from limited funds?

Mahashitla: To, Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu, ‘nambikei' means C-4. To private eye P Balasubramaniam, it means you have to hide in India and forget the balance of the RM5 million.

To the Hindus and the BN-approved Batu Caves condo project, you must give BN your ‘nambikei' so that the project can be cancelled.

Pakatan Rakyat's MB Khalid Ali did not even ask the Hindus for their ‘nambikei'. He just cancelled the project. Indeed, Indians should not be give their ‘nambikei' so easily.

Louis: Once bitten, twice shy. But Indians have been bitten not once but many times by Umno, and if they cannot feel shy they have themselves to blame.

Indians appealed to have the book ‘Interlok' withdrawn, Muhyiddin ignored them. When they want the word 'keling' dropped from the dictionary, they did not meet with much success. Their temples were bulldozed like ten pins, Najib was deaf to their cries.

Lately, there was a spate of unexplained death of Indians in the hands of the authority, only the opposition came to their aid. Of course PM Najib Razak, in his usual hypocritical self, requested for a forensic report which most probably ends up in a waste paper basket.

And if the Indians take up Najib's bait, they are themselves to blame for any letdown by Umno in future. Remember Umno never changes for already 50 years. It can only grow to be even more corrupt.

Bumiasli: Trust is not something to beg for. You prove your worth and people will vote for you. But after putting the Indians through so many years of discrimination, the PM has to do what he had promised, not just talk.

Indians are not looking for alms to vote for you. Indians want to be recognised as rightful citizens.

Kee Thuan Chye: It looks like Najib might just pull it off by getting the Indians to vote for BN. Imagine that - 100,000 people showed up at the Ponggal celebration on Saturday. About the same number as for Bersih 3.0 and Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat. And this involved mainly Indians.

Najib's getting more and more Indians to trust him and BN. His ratings with the Indians have gone up and up. This could have a significant effect on the outcome of the GE. With the Indian vote, he could just pull off more than just a victory for BN. That's a scary prospect.

Cascara: What is the point you promising the moon? If BN wins in the elections, the next PM is going to be Muhyiddin. Since he didn't promise the Indians anything, the Indians will still be left out in the cold. I hope the Indians come to their senses and vote Pakatan.

Anon_1064: The prime minister said he would discuss with Muhyiddin about the possibility of converting Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil schools to fully government assisted schools.

After more than 50 years, what is there to discuss?

Blackknight: It has been some time since, the DAP, Hindraf and other NGOs have pleaded for Tamil schools to be fully aided but not a murmur from Umno.

Now that Najib's political career is in the ICU (intensive care unit), he suddenly sees the crucial need for it. But even then, he will only 'consult' his deputy. What a shame if Indian Malaysians fall for this baloney.

Tholu: I noticed at one point during MIC vice-president M Saravanan's speech at the Ponggal event in Dataran Merdeka, after he had just finished saying that it was because of Najib that the stateless Indians in this country have got their MyKad, the whole crowd chuckled in unison.

This made Saravanan pause for a moment and grin before asking the crowd, in an obvious attempt to persuade the crowd to believe it, "Isn't it the truth?"

That incident made me to think whether the crowd there was buying all the crap spewing out of the mouths of Najib, MIC president G Palanivel and Saravanan himself.

Govern_13: I saw four busloads of Indians at noon on Saturday at Taman Desa in Kuala Lumpur. They were there for lunch. There were posters in front of the buses stating they were from Kedah and ‘Unity Ponggal'.

That's when I realised they would be attending the event in the evening. All of them had a typical "outstation look".

I spoke to one of the ladies and according to her, the organisers paid RM100 plus transportation and food to attend the function.

She said since her kids have not been to KL before, she was happy to come with them. This shows the poor state of the Indian Malaysians.

They cannot even afford to visit the capital on their own. You can guess how much this event would cost the taxpayers.

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