Umno should learn to be colour blind

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YOURSAY 'What if Psy wears yellow when he performs? Is BN going to send the police to beat him up on the stage?'

Guan Eng aims to spoil BN's CNY bash, says DPM

FellowMalaysian: It's really cheeky of CM Lim Guan Eng to ask Penangnites to attend BN's Chinese New Year (CNY) party in red, green or yellow. During CNY, it is inauspicious to wear dark colors like black, grey or brown.

White and blue are out too because neither is considered vibrant enough to usher in the god of luck who, during the new year, showers those dressed appropriately with year-round luck and happiness.

It looks like BN is going to have a torrid time entertaining their dinner 'guests' who will turn up clad in protest colours, for the free food and entertainment.

DPM Muhyiddin Yassin must have got a whiff of what's in store this coming CNY BN-organised mega dinner party in Penang.

Call Me Jibby: "Slated for Feb 11 and to feature South Korean pop superstar Psy, it was supposed to be a happy celebration to promote unity..."

Does Psy has anything to do with promoting unity? Inviting Psy for a BN's CNY open house is a big slap to each and every local artiste and actor.

Wearing red will disrupt the event? Are you discouraging the Chinese from wearing red during CNY?

Stop Lynas now: What is wrong with wearing red, yellow and green? Is it written in the constitution that we can't wear those colours.

What if Psy wears yellow when he performs? Is BN going to send the police to beat him up on the stage?

Opah: A brilliant checkmate by Lim and a huge dilemma for MCA supporters.

If they wear red, yellow or green they will be accused of supporting Pakatan Rakyat. If they wear white, blue or black they will be cursed by the Chinese community for disrespecting Chinese new year traditions.

I suggest all MCA supporters turn up in purple.

Fairlander: Muhyiddin and Lim, like any BN politician, can make any call they like - the rakyat have the choice of whether to listen them or not.

What's wrong with colours? It's our right to choose the colours we like to wear. BN leaders have become paranoid over a simple thing like the colours of the rakyat's clothes. This is madness!

RAW: On this trivial matter, politicians on both sides have only shown their immaturity in their comments and reactions.

If BN political parties are rich enough to use their own money (not taxpayers' money) to invite Psy to perform, there is no issue. Let individuals decide on their own whether they want to attend the party or not.

Even if someone is a bit immature to suggest the traffic lights (red, yellow, green) dress code just to upset the host, the best thing the host can do is to ignore the suggestion.

I believe that the Penang CM and the DPM and others holding positions of responsibility in government, should have better things to do than to exchange volleys over such trivialities.

Anonymous_3e06: Unity is not about spending millions of ringgit to get a foreign singer to come and perform. It takes a concerted effort by the BN government to build unity. It had 55 years to do it. It failed.

That is why we are such a divided lot. There is disunity in our housing estates, working places and in our schools. Who is responsible for all this? Umno.

YF: Umno needs to learn how to be colour blind.

Gobsmacked!: I understand your sentiments, Muhyiddin, but if you want to promote unity you should accept one and all to your party, irrespective of the colours of their clothing.

Talking about creating trouble, have you forgotten about the numerous instances where Umno thugs interrupted opposition ceramah in the Felda ares and also in the various states such as Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and also in Lembah Pantai?

And also the instances where buses of the opposition were stoned by thugs linked to Umno? Not to mention the funeral procession held outside Lim's house by Penang Umno Youth.

You and your Umno buddies are so used to double standards that you don't notice it anymore. One set of rules for you and another for others.

Platform_Sinking: The DPM is too sensitive. Lim is not disturbing the event nor interfering with BN rights to hold the function. What's wrong with just asking people to wear certain colours to the concert?

People may choose to ignore him. Why worry? And what does he mean when he queried: "What if we play politics during Hari Raya?" He is really racial in his thinking.

Ruben: Well DPM, it is you and Umno-BN who are playing politics and abusing the rakyat's money.

I am from Lembah Pantai and yesterday I received a box of oranges with Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin's photo on it and I don't even celebrate CNY as I am an Indian, Is this not an abuse?

Truly Malaysian: Colours are less harmful than Muhyiddin's quiet support for the burning of Malay Bibles. Colours are a non-violent and passive way of showing opposition in a democratic country.

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