One law on religious insults for Teoh, another for Ibrahim

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VOXPOP 'I am not condoning Patrick Teoh's statement on Facebook, but he certainly didn't ask for the Quran to be burnt.'

Police record Patrick Teoh's statement over FB rant

your say Opah: Radio personality Patrick Teoh was ranting about the actions of the Kedah government rather than Islam per se. An innocent but naughty personality faces jail just because it's election time.

I Vote For ABU!: This is another fine example of 1Malaysia justice. I am not condoning Teoh's statement on Facebook, but he certainly didn't ask for the Quran to be burnt.

Where's the action against those individuals who called for the Bible to be burnt?

Ubah lan: First, go punish Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali for inciting religious hatred.

If you can't, the police and the BN government have failed to uphold the same section of the law they are imposing on Teoh. Shameful creatures. It will reflect badly on your fellow Muslims too.

Anonymous #58458950: Worse things have been uttered and published in the press. Ibrahim himself can take credit for many of them. Why persecute a poor ex-radio deejay? Hang in there Teoh!

Argonist: Only more hatred will be pouring into the country's institutions by this blatant show of selective persecution.

Anyone who believes in this government for a fair share of justice is not only deluding himself but is being culpable for the indignity of life for their children and future generations of Malaysians.

Little Hantu: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin , should stern measures be taken against Ibrahim for asking for the Bible to be burnt?

Gods Messenger: KJ must ask the police to rope in the Perkasa chief for all the racist and seditious words he had stated currently and in the past.

Why must there be double standards? If you are a true Malaysian, do it and show that you are a fair parliamentarian.

Guna Otak Sikit: Well, this is 1Malaysia for you. Some actions, no matter how seditious, never warrant any action from the police. But some other actions will attract immediate attention.

You just need to know which side is doing the talking. What a joke. Long live Ibrahim, you are really untouchable despite your provocative action in calling for the burning of the Bible.

Kgen: Apparently the law doesn't apply to Ibrahim.

Armageddon: Ibrahim called for the Bible to be burnt, but till now nothing has happened. We demand the same action against Ibrahim and we don't recall Ibrahim apologising for what he said.

Anonymous #13268827: Wait a minute, did the police say posting on the Facebook? Is it a global domain or Malaysian domain?

Jstom: The followers reflect the 'God' they believe in. Those who believe in corruption to enrich themselves, practice racialism, cronyism, cheating, bribery and all the evil under the sun cannot be the followers of the Almighty God the Supreme Being that true god-fearing people follow.

Artong Penang: According to Section 298A of the Penal Code, it was enacted to prevent citizens from causing disharmony, hatred or ill-will, etc, on grounds of race and religion.

Why is it that this law is not applied on Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa, who have repeatedly incited racial and religious hatred?

The answer is obvious.

Masu Otaku: Section 298A of the Penal Code is a perfect fit for Ibrahim and his Perkasa gangsters.

CQ Muar: Expect the rakyat to vote for BN? What kind of logic are we talking about and what do they take us for?

So many scandals surrounding BN and its leaders, cronies and even the police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), etc, and yet no action is being taken against them.

Now they try to nail my favourite DJ over a remark (for which he has apologised)? Vote for BN over my dead body.

Nil: Anyone remember the offending post? I doubt it was offending if seen in the then circumstances and not taken out of context.

Sometimes, some profanity is necessary to get the message across and in any case, far milder than the call to the burn bibles or refer to fellow citizens as pendatangs .

Louis: If you can't put Ibrahim behind bars for a threat which is of the same nature, how can you do that to Teoh who had apologised the moment he realised his mistake?

Ibrahim and Jati chief Hasan Ali are still free. Please do not practice double standards.

Lim Chong Leong: You can insult me but I cannot insult you. Is that Islamic?

The Mask: What about Ibrahim Ali asking for the burning of the Bible? What about Ibrahim Ali asking for the burning of the Bible?

What about Ibrahim Ali asking for the burning of the Bible? What about Ibrahim Ali asking for the burning of the Bible?

The rakyat is still waiting for action.

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