PM and wife will now find it hard to ignore Bala

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YOURSAY ‘If Bala were any lesser person he would have given up the struggle to ensure that he is left in peace to live a normal life. However he did not.’

PI Bala returns to hero's welcome, swears by SD1

your say Ferdtan: Will the former private investigator P Balasubramaniam be the ace in the hole for Pakatan Rakyat? Will there be more damaging revelations against PM Najib Razak?

He is braved enough to come back to join in the fight against the authorities and the vindictive BN government. They have the means to make his life miserable including his family when they are back in the country.

If Bala were any lesser person he would have given up the struggle to ensure that he is left in peace to live a normal life. However he did not. We can be sure that he, by being in the company of opposition, will face harassment from the police.

CQ Muar: I hope and pray Bala will keep to his words - be truthful, honest and sincere. Let not your conscience haunt you should you ever get bought over by anyone, especially those from BN and in particular the Umnoputras.

All Malaysians' eyes are on you, and so are the world's. You must act accordingly so that Altantuya Shaariibuu's soul can rest in peace, and that she would bless you the rest of your life. Justice must prevail and those guilty must be severely punished for their heinous deeds.

Cala: It is all a matter of greed. First, we saw the horrendous murder of Altantuya by a group of powerful personalities who could erase official records of entry into the country.

Second, we witnessed Bala swore that his second statutory declaration was made under duress. Third, businessman Deepak Jaikishan came forward and colloborated with Bala's account of the two statutory declarations.

So the logic is, had Najib kept to his part of the bargain, everything would have been placed under control. But why did he negate his promises (cash in return for churning out false stories) made to Bala and Deepak?

Cheong Sai Fah: The gauntlet has been thrown right in front of the PM. Bala has got guts to put his life on the line, not merely putting his money where his mouth is.

His sense of justice overrides everything else. Why did the immigration officers let him back in? It does make me wonder. The plot thickens.

Swipenter: The show must go on. The final curtain is yet to be lowered. These swearings on holy books are immaterial. They are for show only. Let us judge how much is truth and how much is theatrics.

Maybe RPK (blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin) is also coming back and would also swear by the Holy Quran what he is going to reveal is the truth, nothing but the truth. Is Deepak going to follow suit too?

Enlightened: Bala and Deepak have been enticed by money before. I somehow don't trust them. They want to reveal the truth, go ahead, but it makes Pakatan look cheap using them in their campaign.

Anonymous #43051382: It is not whether Bala or Deepak has been screwed. It is justice not done. The whole world wants to know the real murderers of Altantuya and the real accomplice(s) to the murder of Altantuya.

The court of Malaysia should reopen the case to dispense real justice to this murder case.

Dr Suresh Kumar: As long as there are people willing to be duped and conned, opportunists like Bala and Deepak will continue to proliferate. They maybe saying the truth, but what credibility do they command?

If what were promised to them had materialised, these guys would be now enjoying their lives in the fast lane. I have never heard of any Hindu swearing on the holy Bhagavad Gita, by the way, that too in the airport.

It looks like it has become a trend in Malaysia to swear on holy books. The irony is Pakatan leaders see it fit to give him a hero's welcome as though he had achieved some medical breakthrough in a foreign country.

Political expediency I guess or should I rephrase it as gutter politics? These are the leaders who rant non-stop about bringing 'change' to Malaysians, yet act shamelessly by endorsing and garlanding an opportunist.

Geronimo: Give Bala and Deepak a break. Yes, both of them are extremely upset because Najib, Rosmah and a few others, did not live up to their part of the bargain. Had they done so, it is quite obvious that Bala and Deepak would not be doing what they are doing now, campaigning against Najib and gang.

Malaysian politics, especially those practised by Umno, have gone extremely dirty, and so far, Pakatan have not stooped that low to score points.

So when Bala and Deepak decide to approach Pakatan for help, I guess it is only heaven sent. Unlike Umno which is famous for manufacturing scandals after scandals, Pakatan did not manufacture Bala and Deepak.

How could you possibly say 'no' when these two dropped onto you lap? After all, Pakatan is merely a platform for them to air their grievances, and it is done with no strings attached, such as the offer of a minister’s post.

PS: Is it not that all of us are very anxious to get to the last chapter where the villain is caught? Why then do we want to miss the boat by focusing on the characters (or past misdeeds) of the key witnesses?

If someone had earlier seized an opportunity for a better life and later recant, we should accept that and move to ensure that the truth is unearthed.

After all, can you not see that we are of the same mould and thus can similarly succumb to the same temptations... unless of course one lives a saintly life all this while.

Mushiro: If Bala is restating that SD1 is the truth and SD2 was made under duress and if Deepak has backed this version of the story - it only confirms that there is some truth to what they are saying.

No one will dare accuse a PM of all these things.

Anonymous_5fb: Abdul Razak Baginda, what are you waiting for? If you still have a bit of conscience left in you, you should step forward and tell the truth.

We now have, Deepak and Bala. You are an important piece of puzzle to complete the whole picture.

AsLi: The gist of the matter is Najib is involved with the Altantuya murder case, not necessarily that he 'did it'.

With this situation and knowing that local enforcement agencies cannot be trusted to be neutral and to put the issue to rest once and for all - will Najib allow Scotland Yard or any other trustworthy investigation agency to carry out and complete the investigation?

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