'Sabah for Sabahans' used to serve SAPP agenda

Modified 15 Mar 2013, 3:43 am

YOURSAY ‘Next, we will have Selangor for Selangoreans or Johor for Johoreans, and we will eventually become a carved-out country.'

Only Sabahans should form state gov't, says SAPP

your say Quigonbond: I'm really sick of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP). From having just a handful of elected representatives in Parliament, they are now hemming and hawing about wanting to control Sabah. They should wake up from their fantasy and get on with the reality.

Contesting one-third of the seats and having a major say in a new state government is already very good.

Play this zero-sum game and SAPP is in a world of hurt come the general election (GE) - perhaps not winning even a single seat. In the end, does it matter whether a leader is from Sabah or parachuted in?

Almost everyone in the federal government is not a native of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya or Labuan. They are from somewhere else - Johor, Penang, Pahang, etc. Does it mean Putrajaya can never be run by those hailing from outside Putrajaya?

This notion is certainly absurd, therefore so is the notion that Sabah can only be run by Sabahan, especially when those particular Sabahans have been in power before and didn't do anything to solve the many woes afflicting Sabah. In the end, we only look at who is competent.

Multi Racial: Don't make this into a Sabah versus the rest of Malaysia thing. When things favour SAPP president Yong Teck Lee, he happily embraces it.

Why did he not say anything in the past when he was with BN? What did he do when he was the chief minister of Sabah. Come on, there are good and bad people all over, even in Sabah. CM Musa Aman is a Sabahan and is he good? So what about the many past chief ministers?

In the same context, there are many good and evil people also in Malaysia. No doubt Dr Mahathir Mohamad is an evil one who gave citizenship to foreigners in Sabah so that Umno can remain in power. So too are those PMs and ministers during and after his time.

But there are many good Malaysian politicians and many of them are in Pakatan Rakyat. What we need is a system of check-and-balance, otherwise even good politicians can also turn bad like those in PBS.

So please focus on the bigger agenda so that Malaysia, including Sabah, remains in good hands.

Takung: I wonder how many of the Sabah assemblypersons and MPs since 1963 were not Sabahans. If they were Sabahans, weren't they looking after the best interests of their constituents? If not, why did the voters of Sabah continue to vote for them?

If these very people continue to vote for those politicians elections after elections, who then is responsible for their woes?

Are the Sabah-based component parties in BN full of Sabahans? What were they doing all these years? In the years since 1963, we have seen state governments that were component parties of the BN and those that weren't.

What actions and more importantly, what did those state governments that were not part of the BN achieve when they were in power? Indeed, I really cannot understand Yong's logic.

Good men: Yong, it's time to stop pretending to be fighting for Sabahans, you are only fighting for yourself and your big ego.

Tell us, didn't you lose your Likas seat through a court case filed by challenger Chong Eng Leong in 2001?

It was found you had initially won with the help of Project M voters, wasn't it? So don't pretend. A genuine Sabahan would never do that.

Anonyxyz: The politics of divide-and-rule by race and religion has successfully been executed in Peninsular Malaysia until it is now embedded in every aspect of life. This division by geography is now upped a level as propagated by Yong, although it is has existed in Sabah/Sarawak for many years.

Hopefully BN or Pakatan does not join this division. Next, we will have Selangor for Selangoreans, Penang for Penangites or Johor for Johoreans and we will become a carved-out country and every state will be demanding for separation.

Anonymous #70470120: Of course, Sabahans will form their own state government as all of Pakatan's Sabah leaders are Sabahan.

MockingYou: Secession, such an ugly word from the 90s. And conveniently uttered, nay threatened, by the leader of an opposition party when our army and police boys are busy hunting the remnants of the armed intruders. Just wondering at the coincidence and timing.

Yong Teck Lee, you're treading on dangerous ground so better stay focussed on assisting in building a better Malaysia for all Malaysians. Those "instant citizens" will probably be dealt with when Umno-BN is booted out.

Betelnut: Sabah for Sabahans - did it get us anywhere with an unfriendly federal government? We spent nine years in the wilderness under the PBS government.

And now Yong antagonises both sides, BN and Pakatan. Even in the unlikely case that the SAPP forms the state government, with either BN or Pakatan in Putrajaya, the prospect of an "autonomous" state administration is bleak. SAPP, please wake up.

Bijin YTL: Remember, Pakatan's boat is sailing to Putrajaya no matter what, so if you miss the boat and when Pakatan wins Putrajaya, you get nothing.

If Pakatan loses, you will also get nothing... The choice is yours. Ride on the boat or miss the boat forever.

Anonymous #37634848: Yong Teck Lee, why not give Sabah to the Sulu sultan or the Philippines, if you can only count ghosts from Putrajaya?

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