'Dr M showers vintage sarcasm on Rosmah's book'

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YOURSAY 'What are her achievements? Is she an elected official? Has she won a gold medal in the Olympics? I heard she has a master's degree, so what?'

Dr M wants Rosmah's biography in schools

your say Kairos: It is very strange that Dr Mahathir Mohamad is now singing a different tune about PM's wife Rosmah Mansor.

At one stage, the ex-PM despises her and considers her as a liability. Today, he praises her and exalts her to be a national icon fit even to be recorded in the annals of history for generations to read. Why the sudden turn-a-round?

The answer is obvious. Both Mahathir and Rosmah, together with her husband, know that they are all in a ship that is fast sinking. So it might as well put up a united front, grit their teeth and put up a show - it's either swim together or sink.

They forget that the rakyat are better educated and wiser now, thanks to influence of the alternative media. We are more discerning and not easily fooled.

She can write whatever she likes and spin as much lies as she want in her book, it will not obliterate the truth. Her sins will eventually find her out.

LittleGiant: I believe Mahathir's suggestion that Rosmah's biography be distributed to schools "as a guide for future generations 100 or 200 years from now" is plain sarcasm.

On the other hand, if Mahathir was serious about his suggestion, then I am convinced that the book is "an incredibly intellectual material" that would help our students to at least become "notorious leaders", if not scholars.

Why not the government consider making it an examination subject in schools and require students to secure a compulsory credit in it?

By the way, Mahathir should know that biographies or memoirs are not necessarily an accurate record of knowledge and events in the author's life. Revealing too much of one's personal life and intimate records in memoirs is sensitive and sometimes even contentious.

In other words, unless the author has the courage and conviction to 'completely come above board' and reveal everything, memoirs do not always speak the truth.

Chipmunk: After reading Rosmah's book, all students may resort to using C4 if their parents don't give them money for their shopping spree.

Not a bright idea but I would suggest that Mahathir come up with the following books: (1) How to Become More Than a Malay; (2) Project IC - The Do's & Don'ts; (3) How to Make More Money When You Become PM; (4) The Best Kept Secrets in Creating Racial Discords; (5) Cronies - Your Best Trading Partners; (6) PM Forever in Malaysia, and (7) Tomorrow Never Dies in Umno.

I am sure these books will be best sellers and when they buy all your seven books, give them Rosmah's book as free.

Milosevic: When Mahathir went on an extravagant spree at public's expense to build Putrajaya, he defended himself by saying that future generations would come to appreciate his vision.

We in Malaysia are fortunate to have such profound visionary leaders. Now Rosmah's book will serve students in their intellectual and moral development 100 to 200 years from now. She is in the league of Confucius, Aristotle, Kant, Tagore, and Marx.

And like all visionaries, Mahathir and Rosmah have to suffer from the ignorance and short-sightedness of present day folk who just do not see the value and profundity of their vision. The public, in their short-sightedness only see narcissism, waste and greed in their leaders.

Malaysia is indeed fortunate to have leaders like Mahathir, Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud, PM Najib Razak, Rosmah, DPM Muhyiddin ‘Malay first' Yassin.

It's tough to face an unappreciative public, who need to be bribed, disenfranchised and pumped with media nonsense to keep their "out of the box" leaders in power.

Ferdtan: Mahathir, are you joking? Surely you jest. Launching a biography of a wife of a short-reigned PM is your prerogative. Praise her whatever, we don't care. It is a private affair.

However, when the ex-PM suggested that this book on Rosmah be distributed to schools as a guide for future generations, then it becomes our business as it involves our children.

What are her achievements? Is she an elected official? Has she won a gold medal in the Olympics? I heard she has a master's degree, so what?

Mahathir, your wife is the second Malay woman to be qualified as a doctor and for that; we don't have any objection if a book about her is introduced to the schools.

The only lesson the children, especially the girls, can learn from Rosmah is to marry the PM so that you can have expensive diamond rings and Birkin bags. Is that the message you want to pass on to our students?

Cantabrigian: That was pure sarcasm from Mahathir. When he says something about someone he hates, he will not do it straight but in a subtle and feigned innocent manner, and when the targeted person realises it, the dagger is already deep in the heart and being slowly twisted.

If only Rosmah has half a brain to understand what Mahathir meant...

Shade: Mahathir, why don't you say the same about your daughter's (Marina's) book. I think that is more educational and also an eye opener for our future generation.

Krish: I am sure the PM himself will agree that there are many other Malaysians who have sacrificed so much for the nation who are more worthy than Rosmah.

Shouldn't their biographies be "distributed to schools as a guide for future generations 100 or 200 years from now".

If you have to choose the biography of a wife of a PM for distribution, I would suggest we start with the biography of the wife of our beloved first PM and Bapa Merdeka.

Vgeorgemy: It's so sad to see Dr M's intellectual capacity degenerated to such an extent. Rosmah has not even finished five years as the wife of the PM, but Dr M is already seeing her contribution to the society more than him.

Unspin: Mahathir is just jealous because his 800-page autobiography sells for RM100 but Rosmah's 180-page glossy coffee table biography sells for RM150.

Acissej : Truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent. - William Blake.

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