Coffeeshop talk perhaps, but still a confession

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YOURSAY 'It is a sting operation and the culprits fell for it. In the Western world, this is how elusive evidence is procured and it is admissible in court.'

It was mere 'coffeeshop' talk, says Sibu lawyer

your say FellowMalaysian: Huang Lung Ong now said he was just acting on behalf of the property agent as against claiming - and shown in the video footage - that he was representing his uncle Hii Yii Peng, the tycoon and land owner.

Both lawyers should be hauled up by Sarawak's law body and the police and the veracity of their statements made be investigated.

Telestai!: This was definitely not coffee-shop talk. The explanation given candidly without the knowledge of being recorded is usually 100 percent true.

Lawyers Huang Lung Ong and Alvin Chong can deny as much as they wish and can claim entrapment, but what they say on video tantamount to a confession.

I am sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to swing into action.

Sali Tambap: Chong, it may be coffee-shop talk but you did admit that you have to prepare two sets of agreement - one for the state government and one to be used in Singapore, didn't you?

So I don't believe you. The most candid of all talk is when we do not know that we are being monitored (or filmed) because we would speak the truth.

It is a sting operation and the culprits fell for it. In the Western world, this is how elusive evidence is procured and it is admissible in court.

Whether pressured or not, the fact is that they blurted out the truth. There is no reason now for MACC not to follow up on this.

By the way, the quality of the video is excellent. Perhaps Umno needs to learn a thing or two on how to record video properly.

Swipenter: How many lawyers engage themselves with coffee-shop talk with big-time foreign investors whom they just get to know? As a professional you don't do that unless you know the other party well.

Anonymous_3e86: "We categorically deny our Mr Chong acted as legal spokesperson for the alleged party."

And this denial is from Alvin Chong & Partners, of which Alvin Chong is the principal partner. Who does he represent then if not Alvin Chong & Partners?

Yes, these lawyers can twist and turn until the guilty look innocent and the innocent look guilty. They can use words that mean "yes" to appear to mean "no".

Dark Knight: This case reminds me of the Lingam-gate judge-fixing affair, where the lawyer concerned was caught boasting about his relationship with senior judges.

Absalom: And this is how business is conducted in the BN government. Politicians rise to the pinnacle of power by using money to buy people.

While in power, they grab any and everything of value in their path, with the help of unscrupulous lawyers, bankers and other blood-sucking leeches.

Then they use some of that money they stole to buy more people in the next election and win some more. This is the vicious circle of dirty Malaysian politics and corruption that has been going on for five decades.

There is an urgent need to stop this raping of the country and draining the country of its wealth. This is why it is so important that everybody gets out to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in GE13 to get rid of these thieves and scoundrels, and put them where they belong - in jail.

Mushiro: PM Najib Razak will maintain his elegance silence. His policy is simple: When caught red-handed, just keep mum. The people may forget, but not at the polls.

Taib Mahmud denies cousins were his brokers

Anonymous_3e86: No amount of expose or evidence will make MACC or Najib take any action against Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud or any BN cronies for corruption.

After all, corruption is in their blood.

Taking away corruption is like taking away their lifeline. The exposure may convince some BN believers to abandon BN, but many hardcore BN-ers will still stick to BN because they depend on BN to give them the crumbs.

Not Confused: The video looks convincing enough to me - even the sections involving the lawyers and their description of how to break the law and to pay 10 percent to Taib "to look after him".

Taib can tap-dance all he wants, but the evidence that has been put together by many organisations all point to one thing. Indeed, it's time that firm action is taken with regard to what has been going on in Sarawak over the past 30 years.

Borg Kinaulu: Taib, it doesn't matter that your cousins are not your agents. Actually, they didn't say they are your agents, only that they got the land from you, and that you will want 10 percent back for the permit to "develop it".

The 10 percent thing is already common knowledge in Sarawak, so there is no point arguing against that.

What's important now is that there are various parties, all of them not your agents surely, having admitted to committing crimes, so the least that has to happen is that these people be arrested and charge in the court of law.

Anomnim: If your cousins are really not your agent, you should be angry at them for using your name without your knowledge. But instead you choose to be angry at NGO Global Witness which merely recorded on video what they said. Isn't that peculiar to say the least?

OMG!!: Global Witness is insulting his intelligence indeed. Like all the crooks who loot their countries, he does not need any intermediary. It is done openly and transparently. The carpet man had testified to this.

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