Hishammuddin - a minister for mat rempits

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YOURSAY 'The home minister is not paid to create uncertainty and fear. His job is to ensure the safety and security of the people even under the most trying circumstances.'

More ceramah disruptions likely, says Hisham

your say LittleGiant: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's statement that more disruptions can be expected at political ceramah events, organised in conjunction with the soon-to-be held GE13, is really sickening.

Isn't it obvious that so far it is the BN supporters who have caused more disruptions at these ceramah events? Or perhaps the home minister is making a direct hint that we should expect to see BN supporters causing more disruptions at opposition ceramah events.

Rather than dropping hints and veiled threats, the home minister and the government should provide the needed confidence to the rakyat and assure that a peaceful environment prevails at all political campaign events.

The home minister is not paid to create uncertainty and fear. His job is to ensure the safety and security of the people even under the most trying circumstances.

Bender: Even in front of the home mnister, the BN supporters behave like uncivilised hooligans (by calling for Batu MP Tian Chua's head to be chopped off). And yet the minister can turn that around and blame Pakatan for all the thuggery that has been happening.

I'm done calling this minister names because he obviously has no intelligence whatsoever. Let's move on to our main agenda, change the government and remove such brainless people from the government.

Mushiro: Not a soul believes that the disruptions at the ceramahs are caused by the opposition and yet Hishammuddin is putting the blame on the opposition.

Not a soul believes that the intrusions in Lahad Datu was Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's doing yet Hishammudin is trying to imply that.

Everyone knows who are behind the disruptions and intrusions, and it will cause more anger for Hishammuddin to try to divert the blame.

Platform_Sinking: The home minister indirectly condoning violence and suggesting continuous disruption of Pakatan ceramahs.

In other words, violence by Pakatan against Umno-BN ceramahs is also okay by inference as it is "within expectation". I am flabbergasted at such a statement.

Tehachapi: In other countries, this mindless nincompoop minister for home affairs would have long been sacked.

Sir, is it not your portfolio to take care of laws and order of the country? If there is not enough resources, why not voice it in the cabinet and in Parliament?

Now, you are admitting that the job is too hard for you. Why don't you just resign and let someone who is more capable to take over? Don't you know that you have the solemn responsibility to take care of peace and safety in the country?

In my mind, you have offended the sensibilities of all those in armed forces and nationals services by your admission of their lack of readiness.

An admission to our defence weakness in public is akin to an invitation that it is open season for all criminals to operate in this country and to open their HQ here. How foolish and mindless of you.

Heavywater: It is Umno thugs that we have to worry about, nobody else. They are planted to create disruption. Throwing of paints, damaging cars, and many other childish ways.

Wira: The home minister might as well resign if he could not control the situation and nip the Umno mat rempit violence in the bud.

On the other hand, he was able to deploy thousands of police in Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 rally and made numerous arrests. This is a dangerous game PM Najib Razak and his cousin are playing.

Wong Yoke Leong: Dear Home Minister, I hope you would realised that it is the opposition ceramahs that have been disrupted (by thugs) and not vice versa. To keep it peaceful, just ensure that there is enough police around at opposition ceramahs.

YUNoAnon: Hishammuddin, by admitting this, you encourage disruptions. Instead, why not say "we will not tolerate this and we will lock you up"? On yes, that's because your supporters are guilty of this crime.

By not standing up to it, you are saying it is okay to violence.

Thetimeisnow: Hishammuddin, you are supposed to be home minister for all Malaysians. But each passing day, as Umno becomes more desperate, you sound more and more like the minister just for these samseng mat rempits. What a shame.

Grow up Hishammuddin - instead of speaking and maintaining peace, you seems to be encouraging just the opposite.

AngryBird: Hishammuddin, your Umno-BN followers are the samseng. You should stop them instead of pointing fingers at opposition members.

According to you, the Suluks who landed in Sabah were not terrorists , that was before they killed and mutilated our security forces. Indeed, you are a bloody disgrace to Malaysia.

Absalom: What this sorry excuse for a minister is saying is that either his ministry does not want to solve the problem or that he is not competent enough to head the ministry and handle problems such as hooligans disturbing the peace, destroying property and breaking the law.

Sinner: I can't believe it. The home minister is subtly saying that the police will not stop those gangs from harassing the opposition.

Home minister should stop spitting in the wind

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