Logo imbroglio helps bring Pakatan together

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YOURSAY 'This is the best answer to BN's racial politics. Show that you have successfully united the rakyat through your cooperation within the coalition.'

The rakyat sees a new moon rising

your say Anonymous #13957745: It's already written in the stars, the downfall of Umno-BN and the rise of Pakatan Rakyat.

With one or rather two strokes of the pen, the Registrar of Societies (ROS) helped forged an undivided strength and unity in Pakatan.

The readiness, eagerness and enthusiasm of PAS and PKR to lend their logos speaks volumes and buries once and for all Umno-BN's propaganda to split a wedge between DAP and PAS.

Awangku: Thank you PAS and PKR for coming to help DAP in its most dire hour of need.

It was so touching to see DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang weeping and his son, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, almost in tears when PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and PAS spiritual Nik Aziz Nik Mat stood up and gave their nod to letters of authorisation.

This is true friendship. Let's all support PAS, PKR and DAP together. All for one and one for all.

Habib: Close cooperation amongst PKR, DAP and PAS is the best answer to BN's racial politics. Please demonstrate that to give is to receive.

Show by example, walk the talk, and win the hearts and minds of middle-ground rakyat. Unite all positive energy from within and from without Pakatan, be inclusive in all possible avenues.

Pay special attention to the feelings of the various races, especially the Malays, in this election.

Former premier Dr Mohamad Mahathir and his Perkasa team are whipping up racial sentiments to win this election.

Pakatan, you are in the best position to show that you have successfully united the rakyat through your cooperation within the coalition.

For each component party to give up a few seats to other Pakatan component parties is a sign of a truly united Pakatan.

As a result, you may in return win a few more seats elsewhere. Please believe that our Almighty God provides enough for everyone.

Cascara: Nik Aziz says that the chickens will come when food is offered by anyone. He should also add that they will only give poop in return. That should be what our voters ought to do to BN.

Doc: Unprecedented! Who would in their wildest dreams think that DAP would actually use PAS' moon at the general election. Malaysia has come a long way politically and socially in the last four years.

Indeed, Malaysians are uniting; not under BN's 1Malaysia mumbo jumbo but under their sheer disgust for being taken for fools by Umno and their minions in BN.

King: I was passing by the nomination centre in SS2 in Petaling Jaya on Saturday. I saw Malays holding DAP flags with its rocket and Chinese waving the PAS flag with its moon. People were chanting, "Ubah, inikalilah." Thank you, PAS.

Anonymous #23456263: In most temperate countries, the trees shed their leaves during winter, and go into hibernation. When spring comes, new leaves, shoots and flowers sprout out, fresh and green.

Like a tree and in a true democracy, a party in power for too long has to undergo winter hibernation, so that they will shed their old dirty corrupt ways, and return in spring to be fresh and green.

Cks: Writer Neil Khor, with the unabated corruption, leakages and abuses, few doubt that BN will bankrupt the country if allowed to continue in government.

However your statement that Pakatan will bankrupt the nation within 12 months if it keeps its election promises, will surely invite much criticism; it mirrors what the BN politicians have been harping on.

Did you research into the potential savings from those BN corruption, leakages and abuses? For all you know those savings could more than enough to mitigate the additional cost of delivering those promises.

Heavywater: Malaysia will only be bankrupt if BN wins as in addition to giving out welfare, it is permitting massive corruption.

However if the opposition wins, corruption will be kept at a minimal and manageable limits. The savings can and will carry Malaysia through, in good times and bad.

Moreover, Pakatan will ensure that money that escaped through corruption will now be channeled back to the nation and enhance Malaysia's financial position, so giving welfare will not be a problem.

CHKS: The rakyat is going to see the real 1Malaysia emerge on May 6, ushering a new Malaysian Malaysia era.

PAS, of course, has its Islamic agenda, but so does Umno. After all, the official religion of our country is Islam. The question is: Which version of Islamic agenda looks after the interests of non-Muslims too?

Umno has repeatedly shown to bully non-Muslims in a hegemonic manner. On the other hand, PAS has shown generosity and concern for its non-Muslim friends.

Whether the rocket has just been launched, or it has already landed on the moon, the battle has begun.

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